Australian Pool Owners Database


This file is unique in that it comprehensively covers thousands of Pool Owning Households across Australia (state by state). In some cases, Personalised to the property residents, this file is up-to-date and accurate.
The 3 Tables below are all Personalised (has a contact name). Can be a small cross-over between files.

Mail Only Phone Only Email Only

State Count State Count State Count
ACT 369 ACT 164 ACT 304
NSW 10,566 NSW 5,072 NSW 6,800
NT 465 NT 243 NT 345
QLD 8,173 QLD 3,650 QLD 5,712
SA 2,758 SA 1,319 SA 1,596
TAS 604 TAS 356 TAS 357
VIC 6,159 VIC 3,088 VIC 4,164
WA 4,379 WA 1,763 WA 2,493
Total 33,473 Total 15,675 Total 21,899

Pricing at $300 set up (flat), and for single use, $375 per 1,000 for Mailing Only, $425 per 1,000 for Telemarketing Only, $300 per 1,000 for Email data, $500 per 1,000 for Mailing & Telemarketing data or $525 per 1,000 for Email, Mailing & Telemarketing data. Minimum Order $1,000. All plus GST.

From another List Owner, we can additionally access 18,200 Non-Personalised records, as per below –

Sydney-Newcastle-Illawarra 14,000
Melbourne 1,200
Brisbane/Gold Coast 2,100
Perth 900
TOTAL 18,200

Pricing at $300 set up (flat), $295 per 1,000 for Mailing data. Minimum Order $1,000, all plus GST. The Fields would be: Address, State, Postcode, Cost of Pool (*where avail) and Date Built.


Upper and lower cased, max character length 45, making this ideal for Personalised laser letters or mailing labels. This database can be provided on pre-printed envelopes, self-adhesive labels or XLS.


Mailing Data = 95% defined as less than 5% postal returns.

Telemarketing Data = 90%. We cannot refund numbers that have an answer phone or at which no-one is home.

Email Data = 95% (defined as hard bounce – the email address does not exist).  We cannot refund soft bounces.

In all cases, we need the records back in an electronic data file (excel) that is mutually convenient (envelopes are fine for the postal returns)

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