This information comprehensively covers the university and technical college staff as well as qualified academics across Australia. This file is constantly kept up-to-date that the list owner is guaranteeing the files deliverability 95%. Currently there are approximately 38,900 records total. Of these, 33,725 are academics with full personalisation to all contacts including their official position, and 5,283 are libraries.
There are 31,000 phone records, and 29,000 fax records on this file.
All records available by geographical area, category and subject. Academic records are also further available by interest level, institution and gender.
All Academic Institutions

The Arts = 2274
Humanities = 3867
Language & Literature = 1642
Medicine = 5088
Natural Science = 4298
Applied Science &Technology = 4649
Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences = 1034
Social Sciences = 1033
Religion = 241
TAFE Subjects
Agriculture & Horticulture = 427
Arts = 1719
Catering, Homecrafts = 673
Architecture & Planning = 1011
Engineering = 2096
Mfg & Other Trades = 644
Science & Applied Science = 956
Healthcare & Welfare Admin = 420
State Breakdown
VIC = 8308
NSW & ACT = 12243
QLD = 5502
TAS = 1286
NT = 149
SA = 2610
WA = 3897
Each academic record contains Title, First Name or Initial, Surname, Qualification, Position, Department and Address, while each library record can be addressed to any person required, (ie. Head Librarian) at no extra cost. Upper and Lower cased, max character length 38, making this ideal for fully personalised laser letters or mailing labels. Your options are cheshire labels, self-adhesive labels, printed envelopes or floppy disc (IBM format).
Mailing data available for an investment of, $330 per 1,000 records. The standard Computer access (programming) fee and delivery is $330. We’d be pleased to negotiate a special rate for you, when ordered with another database.
*Please note these prices are inclusive of a 10% GST.
Accountable List Brokers have been approved to offer and guarantee this Lists deliverability 95% for mailing data, within 30 days of data delivery.