Acxiom BehaviourBase Consumer Database

BehaviourBase Consumer Database

As a logical follow-on to the market acceptance of National Consumer Survey Data for Direct Mail over the last three years, has been the development of a far more extensive and reaching Consumer file with wide market coverage, which has just been released into our market.

BehaviourBase is unique in that it is constructed from Information captured from in-product questionnaires and satisfaction surveys dispensed to consumers who have purchased a variety of high-ticket products and services. Through the partnership survey programmes with many market-leading organisations, enables the collection of invaluable lifestyle and demographic information, which means the variety of data collection channels ensures the ability to reach and elicit responses from consumers who may not consider completing a mailed survey.

Behaviour Consumer List gives you:

Competitive coverage Maximum selectivity – Choose from a wide range of selectors.
Better deliverability – Fewer returned letters mean less waste and more cost effective programs.
Greater reliability -The freshest, most specific and accurate information available. BehaviourBase is a Consumer list rental product consisting of base names and address records combined with comprehensive BehaviourBase Consumer data, including key demographics such as age and income, home ownership details, purchase behaviour, lifestyle, and demographic data.


– Identifying individuals who are receptive to buying through mail order to assist catalogue companies to reach this direct-responsive segment, thus improving sales

– Enabling magazine publishers to grow subscriptions profitably, by targeting individuals whose lifestyle interests reflect the content

– Targeting wealthy individuals who have interests in stocks and shares, and savings and investment plans

– Helping charities to reach individuals with a genuine concern in the area in which they are active, to develop and grow their donor base

– Providing credit card companies with the opportunity to target actively purchasing individuals to ensure you reach financially active, quality audience

The file is refreshed monthly with new survey respondents, which means that fresh prospects are being made available regularly for your ongoing campaigns. BehaviourBase is also washed against the National Change of Address file, ADMAs Do Not Contact and InfoBases Deceased file.
Base Rental:
– Mailing Data from $385 per 1000 records
– Telemarketing Data from $440 per 1000 records
– Mailing & Telemarketing Data from $550 per 1000 records
– Additional Demographic, Lifestyle, Finance and Property Selects from $20 per 1000 records
Set Up Fee: $330

(*Please note these prices are inclusive of a 10% GST)

Minimum order: $1650
A Sample of the Mailing Piece must be summitted for the List Owner’s approval. Usage controlled and hence all requests must specify mailing dates