Affluent Investors Profile – UK

Highly respected and hugely successful, RJ Temple is one of the UK’s largest independent financial advisors and now has over 45,000 UK investors on file. These are all 100% direct mail investments averaging 40,000, with a significantly high number of multiple investments.
This file contains predominately males at home, aged 45 to 70 years. A/B wealthy professionals placing investments in PEP’s, TESSA’s, Personal Pensions, Unit Trusts, Investment Bonds, Building Society Accounts and Life Insurance.
Direct Mail purchases indicate that 48% buy books/videos; 29% gardening; 15% food/wine; 31% clothes/shoes; 20% sports products; 40% buy other goods through the post. And, over 50% regularly donate to charity via direct mail.

This is a superb file for Credit Card owners, over 30% have two cars, over 50% belong to motoring organisations, over 40% take short holidays.
Currently working well for:

Credit Card offers Home Improvements Cars
Holidays & Travel Charities Food & Wine
Contents &Motor Insurance Hobbies & Interests Banks on/off line
Travel Insurancee Books & Magazines Gardening
Health & Fitness Alternative Healthcare Leisure & Clothing
Mail Order Catalogues Business Opportunities Self Improvement
Stock Brokers on/off line Private Health Insurance


UK Buyers 145 per 1,000
Geographical Selection 10 per 1,000
Business or Home Address Selection 10 per 1,000
Male or Female Selection 10 per 1,000
Other Selections 10 per 1,000
Set Up fee 60 flat

Minimum Order Value: 5,000 records
Sample mail piece required prior to supply of list.