Australian Chartered Accountants Email Lists

There are thousands of chartered accountants in Australia and this number is growing at a fast pace as more people join in the hope of a promising career. If you want to offer services or products to these chartered accountants, you need to buy high-quality Australian chartered accountants email lists. There are a number of advantages of getting access to a high-quality Australian chartered accountants email lists.

There is a lot of difference in the quality of e-mail lists sold by various vendors. Therefore, you should not buy the list from the first seller you come across. It is important to check the reputation of the merchant before you buy any kind of list from that merchant. A targeted e-mail list can bring you great results but poor quality e-mail list can not only tarnish your reputation but you will have absolutely poor results.

Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right seller. Here’s a list of some of the factors that differentiate a reputable seller from the others.

Factors to Consider for Buying a High Quality Australian Chartered Accountants EMail Lists

Organized List

Organization is one of the main things that separate professional sellers from others on the market. Professional sellers understand the importance of organizing the information in a helpful format so that the buyer can use the list in any manner they want. If the list isn’t organized, it won’t be of much use to the buyer.

Therefore, it is important for you to check the organization of the list that you are going to buy from the seller. The best way to check the organization is to ask for a sample from the seller and make sure that it is in the right format.


Needless to say, accuracy is the most important factor that you should consider while buying a list. After all, you wonít benefit from an inaccurate list or if the list contains a lot of old e-mail addresses. There are a number of ways in which you can check the accuracy of the e-mail lists being sold by the seller. You may ask seller to give you a random sample of a few e-mails from the list.

Another way to check the accuracy is to go to discussion forums and check the reputation of the seller. These sellers usually sell all kinds of lists which mean that they must have been selling such lists for a number of years. Their reputation in the discussion forums related to e-mail marketing can tell you a lot about the accuracy of the list they are selling.

Quick Access

It is important that you get quick access to the e-mail list you have bought from the seller. Most professional sellers have an automated system where you will get access to the lists you have paid for. In case, the seller does not have an automated system for supplying the list to the buyer, you should enquire about getting access to the list once you have paid for it. Therefore, if you have any doubts, you should contact the seller before you pay for the list to make sure that you’ll be able to get access to the list at the earliest.


E-mail marketing experts are of the opinion that any bought list should be tested before you start using it in your e-mail marketing campaigns. It doesn’t matter whether the seller has a very good reputation, there’s always a chance of having some kind honey pots or bad e-mails in the list. Therefore, it is extremely important to test the e-mails before you start devising your e-mail marketing campaigns.


Most reputable sellers of e-mail lists on the market today offer a guarantee for the accuracy of their e-mail lists. They also offer a refund guarantee which means that they will return the money of the buyer in case the buyer finds any issues with the lists. The terms of refunds may vary from one seller to another but most professional sellers offer some form of return policy.

In case, the seller does not offer any kind of refund, it is important that you start looking for another one. After all, you are building a relationship with the vendor and this relationship is built on trust. One of the ways for a seller to establish trust with a buyer is to offer a guarantee for their product. In case they are not willing to offer warranty for their product, it is recommended to start looking for another vendor that offers a warranty for their product in the form of a money back guarantee.


You should expect to pay a good amount of money for a high quality list. While there are a number of sellers that will sell you tens of thousands of e-mails for less than $100, keep in mind that the e-mails in the list are likely to be scraped straight from Google or other search engines. In other words, you cannot expect to pay only a few hundred dollars for a high-quality list.

A high-quality list takes a lot of time and effort to build. In fact, these list sellers spend a lot of money to build highly accurate list. They have to buy highly quality data from a number of sources and check that data regularly to make sure that the list is fresh. Therefore, you should be willing to pay good amount of money for the list.

Overall, these are some of the factors that you need to consider to buy a high-quality list. However, buying a high-quality list is only half the work. You also need to devise a proper e-mail marketing campaign strategy for your marketing campaign to succeed. Without a proper strategy, you cannot expect to succeed even if you have a fresh and accurate list.