Adpath National Database


     The Adpath National Database lead generation services.

A unique advertising platform Adpath can dynamically target consumers as they are finalising a purchase across major e-commerce websites.

Essentially Adpath can enable companies and charities to engage with consumers with access to disposable incomes. 
This is done by building a lead generation database, also this can include with mobile phone numbers of these selected individuals, all who have opted-in to be contacted.
This is conducted with core publisher partners including Ticketek, Deals Direct, Oasis Active, Cudo and isubscribe……  making this immense across Australia.)

As you would expect, the volume of leads delivered for your Campaign will differ from others, as will the pricing…..and particularly important, as with any Direct Response Campaign, is a dynamic “call to action” behind your marketing campaign, since that is what captures the interest of the consumer to initially respond to you at the point of “clicking Yes”.

The Logistics……

An example…. say we provide 5,000 email addresses (including first and last name, age, gender and postcode) and/or 300 to 500 leads (including mobile phone number too) and the above information……..
we could then deliver your leads such as these on a monthly basis (or more often if necessary).

If you wanted Email data only, that’s initially captured at the front end of the Partner Website when the Site is first visited or alternatively after they have completed a Booking.

Where a Mobile is requested by our Client, that basic information has already been filled out by the Client, with address, age etc after they have actually booked….ie spent money.
Then they see the static “standardised” panel, such as shown on our Powerpoint sample ….. “Your Purchase comes with free Coupons & Discounts” etc (which you dont have to contribute funds to) and when they click at that point to accept receipt of them,  then your Question/Offer for them to “click more” (as per the Unicef example on the Powerpoint, to hear about your Service is introduced. At this Stage a “Value added” incentive for them to participate is highly recommended, that relates to your Company Ideals and USP, to gain a stronger participation.
Of course, you make this Branding of your Offer as “exciting” as possible, as you would a Headline/Sub-headline/message for any proactive Email or Press or Direct Mail letter, to gain response from the right people.
So the qualified ones click there to hear from you and they dont need to fill in their details since thats been done when they did their booking (so it will be very accurate) …………then that data thats progressively collected and sent to you on a weekly or monthly basis .
(Respecting participant privacy, we aren’t privy to know what they actually spent their money on, but we do know they did!)

In terms of price, we have shown these following costings as indicative….they may alter a little due to the specific audience you need, the size of the campaign of course and your marketing goals..from $3.95 (for qualified First/Last/Age/Gender/Postcode and Email) down to $1.50 per Email address only, and $25 (for highly qualified information) to $5.95 per contact including mobile phone number, plus gst…. (with a min. order value of $6500 plus gst)…..and these are current qualified people, not blanket Survey Responders that might have been collated months or years ago and know nothing about you.

Importantly, this pricing also allows you 12 months multi-use, to convert them to Clients. That alone makes this Option terrific value to build a relationship over time.

Essentially, the absolute currency of this information will allow you to fully maximize the Interest and achieve the strongest response possible, since they have indicated they wish to be in contact with you and it’s all Privacy Compliant too.
Even those on a higher Disposable Income, who are usually very difficult to reach, are now prime candidates as “New Clients”…….and this unique Marketing Channel can now be integrated concurrently with your other acquisition methods to ensure maximum exposure….and measurable results!
This Lead Generation Network is exclusively formulated as Adpath and cannot be sourced or bought elsewhere.

Call us now to see what we can do to make this work for you!