Australian Pool Owners Database

Swimming Pool Owners Australia Wide

This compilation of Swimming Pool Sites is unique in that it’s by far the most comprehensive coverage of Pools at Houses (those at Units can be provided too) Nationally.

Additionally, it’s personalised to the property resident and is very up-to-date and accurate.


Select by Postcode, Region, Income level, Phone type (mobile or landline), Homeowner, House (or Unit, additional numbers to above) Solar Heating, Property size and more.

Pricing for Personalised data at $300 set up and for single use, $280 per 1,000 for Email or Postal or Phone Data, $350 per 1,000 for 2 elements or $400 per 1000 for 3 elements.

Multiuse data for 12 months is 20% extra and Unlimited Multiuse is 50% extra.
We can organise price reductions for 5000 plus records and special contract rates for 25,000 plus.

Minimum Order 2,000 records. All prices plus GST.
Provided with 60 minutes of ordering, delivered as an XLS file.


Postal Data 95%+, Email 92%+, Telemarketing Data 90%+.(run against DNC) We cannot refund data that may have an answering machine/fax/faulty line, soft bounce (eg.mailbox full) or where no-one answers.

In all cases, we need the incorrect records back in an electronic data file (excel) that is mutually convenient (envelopes are fine for the postal returns) to be replaced on the off- chance they exceed the delivery % as above, within 30 days of delivery.