Australian Residential Directory

For the first time ever, Accountable List Brokers can provide this data for Mailing, Emailing, SMS & Telemarketing Campaigns. In a nutshell – this database covers over 16.9 million records of Residential Names… a mix of 12.4 million Landlines, 12.1 million Mobiles, 18.5 million Email Addresses and 17.4 million physical Addresses. This is updated an average of 8,700 times a day, validated against the Do Not Call continually and is all Personalised (with a contact name or Initial) plus Title, for personalised mail merge.

The sheer volume of this information only enhances other sources, such as Survey Data…most people do not fill out Household Surveys and for those that do, the information they provide as to their likes/dislikes/intentions must be recently collected…so to complement the limited numbers, this Residential Database can greatly enhance your Campaign.

 We can also identify over 500,000 employees with their “work” email and home address.

STOP PRESS….we can validate phones in your database for as low as 4.5 cents each!

At a Glance
Advanced search features for data matching to your database via DPID incl. selections for geo-demographic modeling for psychographic segmentation can be separately added, plus ethnic origin, home ownership, email and 17.5 million+ with Age Range, with other selections detailed as below.

SELECTIONS: ** basic geographical, gender, income can be used to select data at no extra charge.


StateSurnameMobileLandlineAddress – One per HholdAge Range Email

Main Fields…..Title, First/Initial, Last, Address, Suburb, State, Postcode, Phone (Landline or Mobile) & Email.

         The Phone Numbers usually are already washed through the Do Not Call Register. If you are exempt from this, such as a  Charity/Research/Government Department, all Phone No’s can be provided.

SINGLE USE (one off usage of the basic fields
$300 set up fee (flat) plus:
MULTIPLE USE (12 Months usage of the basic fields  $300 set up fee (flat) plus:
 One Data ElementTwo Data ElementsThree Data Elements
QuantityMail or Email or Tele (per 1,000) Mail or Email & Tele (per 1,000)Mail & Email & Tele (per 1,000)
0-2,000 (Min)$280$350$400

All plus GST. Please note some selectors will incur an extra charge…just ask us!

If you have your own database & not wish to double up on getting the same contacts, we’ll de-dupe it via DPID, Phone, Address or Email. (Usually free of charge but if your database is quite large, there will be a fee.) STOP PRESS….we can validate phones in your database  for as low as 4.5 cents each too!

Data Guarantee: 90%+ with Mailing or Phone data & 85%+ with Email data. *This is based on the data being utilized within 30 days of delivery……particularly with Phone No’s to comply with DNC Regulations. With Email data, due to the volatility of Consumer Emails, we provide 10% extra no-charge to cover non-deliverables.

(In some cases the researched or self-reported specific information may have changed so we can’t guarantee all data may reflect their current situation….so, we will resupply additional data with the next order to compensate but don’t offer monetary refunds.)

We may require a sample of what you are sending initially to gain List Owner approval for Privacy Purposes.

How Data is Obtained:
There’s over 45 individual sources providing input to this database. In many cases these are sourced by websites that collect basic contact information such as name, phone number, postal address and email address or any other information that can reasonably be described as information that identifies a person, to enable these businesses, such as credit reporting companies to communicate when a person is registered to obtain access to the data management services offered. Additional information may be collected at other times, from feedback, changes in content or email preferences, responding to a survey or communicating with customer support or queries. We do NOT use Credit Card or Financial Information that can be confidential.

Due to the wide variety of input data, we find this is the most accurate Residential data available anywhere.