Business Phone number Updating

About time!…… a quick and accurate service to bring your business database phone connectivity up-to-speed…any volume, any time and under 9 cents a record.

Let’s explore the impact of outdated phone numbers on time and money. πŸ“ž

Time wasted:

Your front line staff have an average of 12 one-on-one phone calls a day.

But they waste an average ofΒ one hour and 42 minutesΒ scheduling and rescheduling calls each week.

This is costing you money.

Miscommunication costs:

Workplace time wasted trying to contact past clients is out of your pocket and can get to critical level with staff becoming more and more frustrated with their role when they are working with substandard call data…..a very common problem!

Virtually all businesses have this issue because there hasn’t been an answer until now to solve it!

ROI from Innovation:

You bring your in-house data up to currency and your people will be much more satisfied, more efficient and you wont have to put off Campaigns because you know the core data you are working with is highly questionable and it’s easier to do nothing!

These past clients are the best people to reactivate!

How it works:

You simply send us a file of your phone numbers and we format the data to suit and provide you back with the status on each, fully password protected.

We check the number is legitimate, connected with the network and capable of receiving calls and messages.

We have shown a costing structure on the next page to give you an indication of volume and costs.

There’s a flat initial set up fee of $100 to check your data for duplicates and make minor changes to standardize layout

Then we run through the system…….output charges….

Of course for larger quantities, we can price accordingly!

Where business numbers are disconnected, we can run the companies through a separate search to add new phone numbers if they are still trading.

Remember, maintaining accurate business phone numbers is crucial for efficiency, professionalism and cost savings.

Your data is useless if its growing old….and should you have to contact those clients urgently, such as a data breach, via voice or SMS, you can be prepared and show that you are doing your best to keep data up to date.

Of course we can also conduct this exercise with Consumer data too!