Australian Consumer Survey Database

This unique database was developed several years ago and carried out to provide Australians with the opportunity to influence the type of advertising material they receive. In turn, this provides them with timely and relevant direct mail / telemarketing offers that they are interested in and have need for. The proven performance of this database has exceeded any comparable database on the market.Since the original compilation of the database, new surveys have been conducted every six months to dramatically increase the size of this ever-growing database, as well maintaining fresh and timely records. The entire database is matched against change of address notification, to further maintain quality and ensure the data you receive is relevant and effective in your campaign.

Lifestyle Data:

Respondee and Partner Details.
Family Information: dwelling type, number of people / bedrooms home ownership / rental, time at current address.
Leisure Interests: holiday destinations, leisure activities, magazines read and television programmes watched.

Purchase Intentions:

Shopping: food shopping, mail order purchase, pets, white goods, environmental products.
Motoring: respondees and partners car, car age, insurance, car ownership.
General Info:Money & Finance: occupations, income, investments, personal finances, credit cards, banking & insurance.
Other: Children, telephony / utility bills, preferred charities.

File Updates:Continuously

Mailing Data from $370per 1000
(Additional Selections from $55 per 1000
Phone Numbers from $55 to $220 extra per 1000
Email data (150,000 records avail.)from $395 per 1000
Set up fee $330 flat fee

Final prices are dependant on selections included and number of records rented.
Discounts are available for orders in excess of 20,000 records

*Please note these prices are inclusive of a 10% GST.

Minimum Order4,000 records

A sample of the mailing piece must be submitted for the List Owner’s approval.

The survey covers the lifestyle and purchasing intentions of over two million Australian residents aged 18 years and over. The type of information included is: –