Data Breaches

Does your company have $88,000 to spare?

This is the Australian average cost to an organisation for a data breach notification. Taking into account necessary actions such as creating a new client database, legal costs for the notification, related communication costs associated with notifying clients etc. And not taking the loss of future sales and confidence into account, so it gets worse!

The cost alone

Should be enough to convince you to take this seriously – says Kamino Cyber Security and Midwinter MD Julian Plummer. Ensuring you have a Data Breach Response Plan in place to manage cyber security, to ensure your IT policies and procedures are up-to-date, that your staff are thoroughly versed in them and adhere to them. From then on, you can begin to plan and prepare your best line of defence.

Securing your data will secure your business

SIt also may be a good time to review your cyber insurance policies. Cyber insurance offsets many of the costs of potential IT breaches, however we recommend doing adequate due diligence as one size does not fit all. Don’t have cyber insurance ? Contact us and we’ll put you intouch with the right people.

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