Direct Call Centre Responders 2024

This data, just released, has been created and refined over many years by a major contact centre.

Initially validated by direct phone contact, these consumers have agreed to speak with the client that the leads were generated at that time. All people have been initially called, spoken with an
agent and agreed to be either contacted at a later date by the client or live transferred to the client.

With some of the databases, specifically the Health Campaign with 527,000 leads, there has been between a 25 and 50% conversion rate by the client.

With the Finance campaigns, they were required in the most part to own a property with a certain amount of equity so tended to be people above the age of 30 or more and under the age of 65.

The Insurance campaigns are generally 25 to 80 years of age with a majority being 30 to 60.

To quote our supplier “what makes this data great is that we know all of these consumers engage with call centres.

After many years in this industry, if I was asked what data works best for us I would say categorically, if I can get my hands on the 10 to 15% of people that would respond to this type of marketing activity, would be a dream – that’s what these numbers are!”

We can provide this data to call centres at $300 set up and from 30 cents plus gst, with a minimum of 5000 records.