Direct Mailing Lists

Do you need Quality Direct Mailing Lists from an Experienced Mail List Broker?

Accountable List Brokers can provide not only mailing lists of qualified names and adresses but a complete direct mail marketing package customised to meet your specific needs. If you need to quickly put together a direct marketing campaign, we can supply you with a list of suitable leads. Our mail databases hold thousands of different lists including lists of businesses, car owners, pensioners, newspaper subscribers, couples without children in the Melbourne area and any other combination you can think of! We can help your company reach your hungry target audience!

Mailing Lists & Mail Databases

No matter how well copywritten your direct mail piece is, it won’t get a response if it isn’t reaching the right target audience. The reason that Direct Mail is such an effective advertising method is that you can send it to the people most likely to be interested in your product or service. The better your list quality, the higher your response rates will be. You can rent a mail list directly from a business that owns one. Or you can go to a list broker like us, a specialist in providing mail databases. as we can offer you a wide variety of lists in a number of categories.
With thousands of mailing lists to choose from, Accountable List Brokers can help you find the best list by working with you to define your target market. The chances are, if you have specific details for the list that you want, we can find it for you. By using the various demographics and topics to target your search, we can work with you to closely define the type of person you are trying to market to.
Some mailing lists brokers simply supply you with a list rental agreement and collect their fees. But not us. We try to help you with your campaign from the beginning, reviewing your sales letter, helping you to define your market, and then finding you the best prospect lists. Contact us about a list today.