Doctors and Medical Specialists – Nationally


EMAIL, POSTAL & TELE DATA –  we have approx. 156,000 Doctors and Allied Health, which we provide to you to action your Campaign.

PRICING – at $250 set up, $300 per 1,000 for 12 months multi-use (frequent usage) for one data element, $350 per 1,000 for two data elements or $400 per 1,000 for three data elements. All plus GST. Minimum Order 1,500 records.

FIELDS WHEN ORDERED: Practice Name or Practitioner, Address, Suburb, State, Postcode, Phone, or Email (the email nominated by the Practice, Business or Personalised). The ‘Specialist’ Field can be included too.

Doctors & Specialists – (more available)


Guarantee…any data that is undeliverable within 30 days of supply will be replaced…please refer to the Terms and Conditions for same..

All emails are validated prior supply for connectivity.