Doctors and Medical Specialists – Nationally


This database comprehensively covers all Australia. This file is constantly updated with all practicing Doctors at single or multiple practices and hospitals, so-up-to-date that the List Owner is guaranteeing the files deliverability 95%+. Currently there are over 155,000 Postal records with full Personalisation to all contacts. Many of the Doctors covered are not on alternative databases, due to the research conducted to find all of the Doctors within the sites. Approx. 95% have a Phone Number, including Dental, Allied Health & Nurses.

**Note – The below Table is based on Multiple Contacts per Practice. Doctors & Specialists (below table):

SELECTIONS – Available by Postcode, Specialists or GP’s, size of practice by Doctors employed. GP SURGERIES WITH FAXES – can access around 6,200 Australia wide.
FORMAT – we email you across the database in excel format.

Minimum Order $1,000. All plus GST.

$390 Flat $400 per 1,000 $710 per 1,000

$90 Flat $340 per 1,000 $580 per 1,000

A fake/dummy name is inserted into the database before it gets sent across to you so the List Owner can monitor the usage of their list.

EMAIL DATA – only available for Government Departments and urgent recalls and is not released to the end Client. The List Owner MUST do the email blasting on your behalf.) *However from another database, we can access Email Data at a much cheaper rate, but 60-70% would be under a Trading Name.


95%+ for Mailing data, within 30 days of data delivery.