Email Validation

Email Validation in Australia with 100% Security

Email Validation & Verification
ALB is the only list broker or data owner that can now offer a service that will clean, validate and verify your existing email address database. Our email list hygiene service keeps your email lists up to date by identifying and purging bad, invalid, undeliverable and duplicate email data. Major benefits of our email list cleaning & email validation services include maximizing deliverability and reducing your overall marketing costs associated with your email marketing efforts due to bouncing emails and the time taken to revalidate them.

What is List Cleaning & Email Validation?

This is how the entire process works. There is a 7 step process we use when cleaning and validating email addresses.

  1. Remove duplicates, improperly formatted email addresses and syntax errors.
    1. Removal of “Generic” emails, such as: sales@, support@, info@, etc if our Client doesn’t want them.
  2. Keyword Scrub – We remove words like spam, junk, abuse, etc. from the list of emails.
    1. Saves time by showing you who isn’t going to get your email opposed to playing ‘catch up’ after your message goes out.
    2. Validate emails – the email database software/system validates each email address in your database, to see if it is an address that can accept email. This is done through multiple servers with enhanced white listings in place with all major ISP’s. We connect to the email addresses mail server, as part of our validation process, but NEVER send an email to the recipient. This system is based in Australia and the most comprehensive available, bar none.
    3. We provide the database back to you with tagged records of what’s OK & what’s not – no more hundreds of email with ‘undeliverables’ coming back into your Inbox. You have it from us in XLS to easily validate.
    4. We are based in Australia, the data validation is done here so it can’t go ‘walk-about’ and it totally secure. We are the only list company that offers this service.

With all of the unknown variables that can play a role in email list cleaning and validation, we Guarantee the accuracy of our service will be 99%+.
The set up fee for all jobs is $50 plus $0.03 – $0.05 a record depending reviewed. All plus GST.
Turn around time is only a couple of hours.