Environment Concerns

In the last few months, this Consumer database has been qualified as a unique and a Direct Marketing responsive source covering over 114,000 Buyers at home throughout Victoria. Responders contacted by telephone initially, are people who have agreed to change electricity suppliers. To achieve this, approximately 900,000 million Victorian Households have been contacted by phone, (with a breakdown below), for new and improved green energy products, including Green Gas, which has the potential to reduce one tonne of emission generated from an individuals gas usage.
What makes this unique, is that each contact is pre-qualified by the fact that they own or are purchasing their own home. This file is being updated on a daily basis in order to maintain maximum data accuracy, and is ideal for Financial groups and Companies who want Direct Responders. It is increasing by hundreds of home owner contacts per week.
Data can be selected by postcode range, gender, landline, mobile number, recency, qualified prospects, Buyers.
PC range Quantity
3000-3100 184752
3100-3200 238371
3200-3300 85550
3300-3400 50493
3400-3500 39419
3500-3600 42635
3600-3700 55953
3700-3800 41847
3800-3900 67212
3900-3999 88724
Upper and lower cased, max character length 45, making this ideal for laser letters or mailing labels. The database is provided on disc or for a small extra charge can be provided on self-adhesive labels or pre-printed envelopes.
This Core Data of 900,000 records is available as Mailing data from $195 per 1000 records, telemarketing data from $225 per 1,000 records and as mailing and telemarketing data from $265 per 1,000 records.
Green Energy data is $280 per 1000 for mailing data, telemarketing data from $395 per 1,000 records and as mailing and telemarketing data from $595 per 1,000 records.
There is a minimum quantity of 3,000 records and a set up fee of $300 is applicable to all orders.volume discounts for 10,000 plus.
*The List owner has immense Call centre capabilities so is able to conduct a Telemarketing campaign on your behalf to this audience at a very attractive rate, and a discount on these data prices.
Please note these prices are exclusive of GST.
Accountable List Brokers have been exclusively approved to offer and guarantee this lists deliverability 95% for mailing data, within 30 days of data delivery.