Federal MP Email Address Lists

To begin, the use of compiled email address lists is not a negative marketing strategy; in fact, the use of email address lists can be highly beneficial if one is trying to reach a particular target audience.

Email address lists can be obtained from various organizations and online sources; however, a person must remember that the majority of the list compliers will not actually sell the items but merely ‘rent’ them for one-time use.  An email address list is, after all, a very precious commodity.

So, why is this important to note?

The fact of the matter is that many people are not aware of this point and will pay even exorbitant fees for email address lists not realizing the quality of the item.  Don’t get me wrong, not all of the email lists are of a poor quality and purchasing valid lists is possible; however, compilers of these lists should be viewed with caution.

You do not want to spend vast amounts of money on a useless address list.  This article will discuss the problem of the compiler when purchasing federal MP email address lists.

How Does A Compiler Compile An Address List?

Unlike previous years where an individual would spend hours online collecting email addresses via tiresome research, modern list compilers now use software.  This software is effective in that it will search the internet according to a particular filter keyword and ‘harvest’ all relevant email addresses; for example, federal MP email address lists are created by harvesting emails according to ‘federal MP’ searches.

Despite the convenience and time-saving nature of this automatic list compilation method; it does present with several disadvantages.  One of the greatest disadvantages is that the software will harvest addresses indiscriminately placing every email it comes across into the list database.

In previous years, the personal research would determine relevancy of the address; however, indiscriminate harvesting does not consider relevancy at all.  The primary aim is merely to create a list according to a filter keyword or target audience.

Why Is This A Problem?

As is mentioned above, the relevancy of the software-compiled email address lists is low and potentially nil; thus, this will influence the accuracy of the marketing strategy.  It is rare that list compilers discuss the target audience the list is directed towards; but if they do, it is rare that they will indicate the method used to collect the addresses.  Unfortunately, this does not deter people from purchasing lists.

To avoid dealing with inaccurate lists and sending off emails to irrelevant prospects, it is recommended that one question the target audience of the email address list before making renting or purchasing.  Generally, those selling the lists will avoid the question; in fact, renters may be vague about the answer as well.

If, however, you do encounter a compiler who will answer this question, it is still advised that you question the accuracy of lists based on the volume or size.  Needless to say, the larger an email address list, the greater the chance of irrelevancy and inaccuracy.

Think about this: a young boy is playing on a farm with his brother.  The object of this game is to see how much manure he and his brother can throw and become stuck to the side of the father’s barn.

As the game continues, the boys realize that the greater the amount of manure thrown, the higher the chance that manure will stick to the barn wall.  This tale describes the email address list marketing theory: the more emails a person will send, the greater the chance of sales to be made; therefore, the need for more email address lists.

How do you gain more lists?  This is easy to answer, merely rent more or subscribe to more lists online according to the target audience required.  Unfortunately, the popularity of this marketing technique has now caused emails sent to these lists to head directly to the ‘spam’ folders.

The spam filter in email systems are now identifying sales emails as junk and eliminating them from any inboxes.  This is a problem for people purchasing email address lists as you may be spending a great deal of money on something that will not “bear any fruit” so to say.

Taking this into account, one may wonder why using email address lists as a marketing technique is beneficial.  When using a targeted audience list, such as the federal MP email address lists, it is possible to provide relevant information in the email sent.

This could bypass the email filtering system and can result in the target audience reading the information being sent.  It must be mentioned that the subject line must be altered to use ‘no-spam’ wording; a practice that will help bypass filtering systems.