General Database Verification & Enhancement

General Database Verification and Enhancement
Option 1:
To help you get your list in shape quickly and cost-effectively, we have negotiated a special List Clean-Up package. This includes the following services:

Address updates, drawing from Australia Posts National Change of Address and Infobases BestAddress To discover and provide correct addresses for people who have moved
Deceased indicator, using ADMAs Deceased suppression file and Infobases unique Fact of Death file To identify and purge the list of the names of deceased people
Do Not Contact indicator, using ADMAs Do Not Contact and Infobases suppression files To identify individuals who do not want to receive direct marketing offers
Gone-Away indicator, using Infobases house file To verify consumer still lives at the address, and to identify and potentially eliminate records where a forwarding address is not available
Address hygiene, including DPID append To ensure address accuracy, deliverability and maximum postal discounts
Duplicate record indicator, matching your records against Infobases reference database for more effective de-duplication To identify multiple instances of the same person

PACKAGE PRICING (Please Note- Special Charity Sector Prices Available too!)
Set Up Fee: $330
Volume Flat Rate Fee (excl. GST)
<10,000 records $2,500
10,000-29,999 $5,000
30,000-49,999 $8,500
50,000-99,999 $15,500
100,000-299,999 $25,000
300K+ POA
Option 2:
The most comprehensive residential database in Australia. Up to the minute listing of households and the residents aged over 18.
This covers the Privacy complaint, latest address matched to telephone records. In addition, we can also reach individuals who utilize a phone, not held under their name via a national ongoing Consumer Survey.

State Individual Household
Metro / Country
ACT 112941 62306 / 67 4889 4273
NSW 1992889 672574 / 427045 86842 74159
NT 27855 12474 / 4612 2216 1896
QLD 987833 300281 / 284515 61243 51416
SA 509583 236660 / 60429 40427 33484
TAS 172258 46069 / 54983 12625 10563
VIC 1570945 659328 / 212098 72869 62568
WA 560013 251331 / 64914 35026 29247

We can provide this data on a number of levels for you: –
Suburb / Postcode, Male / Female, Owner/Renter, Time at Residence, Mosaic Lifestyle. Category, House or Unit. With or without phone numbers. (Landline/mobile)
Investment Options:
As single use data, from $341 per 1000 records as mailing data, $396 per 1000 for telemarketing data and $465 per 1000 for mailing and telemarketing data. Survey Data is approx $110 per 1000 extra. For multiple use, each month we will provide a full update of changed phone numbers, inclusions, deletions (moved or requested suppression as per the Privacy Law Compliance) for a 3 month period (2 updates) at rental price plus 50%, 6 month period (5 updates) at 40% extra, 12 month period (11 updates) at 75% extra, payable upon initial delivery. Unlimited 12 month multiple use with no updates is an additional 100% of original investment.
We can provide a Full State, with 3 monthly updates, based on a 12-month licence agreement. Costing can be confirmed at time of enquiry. (as a guide, less than 4 cents a record)
Prices shown above are not inclusive of GST.
The standard computer access (programming) fee and delivery is $330.
Minimum order value $1,650 (for options 1&2)
Accountable List Brokers have been approved to offer and guarantee these lists deliverability 95% for mailing data, within 30 days of data delivery.