Golfing Enthusiasts

This is current information that comprehensively covers males and females who are members of a national Golfing Association or, when comprehensively Surveyed, have indicated an active interest in golfing. These files are constantly kept up-to-date, that the list owners are guaranteeing the files deliverability 98%. Currently there are 127000 records from the Survey data with title, first name or initial, surname and full address, and 51,000 Members of gold clubs (with age selects too).
Available by postcode, male or female, mail/phone/email (Indicative State totals).
NSW 59 059 VIC 56 729 QLD 19 600
SA 3 405 WA 2 962 TAS 878
NT 170 ACT 582

Email data -Survey     Mail data – Survey     Telemarketing data – Survey  
STATE Total   STATE Total   STATE Total
ACT 675   ACT 2443   ACT 510
NSW 10766   NSW 37271   NSW 10262
NT 266   NT 872   NT 260
QLD 8416   QLD 26555   QLD 7819
SA 2782   SA 10172   SA 2667
TAS 917   TAS 3830   TAS 973
VIC 8786   VIC 31094   VIC 8380
WA 4019   WA 14849   WA 3638
Total 36627   Total 127086   Total 34509

Upper and lower cased, max character length 45, making this ideal for fully personalised laser letters or mailing labels. Generally provided as an XLS File.
Both files available for an Investment from $350 – $390 per 1000 records as Mailing Data, ($350 per 1000 for Email (Survey) data) and $490 per 1000 for Telemarketing data.
standard Computer access (programming) fee and delivery is $350 for mail or phone, $500 for Email of Survey data, which includes sending).
*Please note these prices exclude GST.
Accountable List Brokers have been approved to offer and guarantee the lists deliverability 98% for mailing data, within 30 days of data delivery.