This is an up to the minute National database of 25,000 home owners who replied to an advertisement in national newspapers and obtained information on: Stock market investing such as margin lending, shares, futures and options etc, plus real-estate investment, negative gearing, superannuation, retirement planning and rollover. All respondents on this database have an $80,000+ p.a. income.
Available selections: Postcode, Phone Numbers, Male/Female.
NSW: 6,842                     QLD: 9,370                  VIC: 4,290
SA: 1,514                        TAS: 1,500                   WA: 1,700
Upper and lower cased, max character length 38, making this ideal for fully personalised laser letters or mailing labels. The database is provided on disc or for a small extra charge can be provided on self-adhesive labels or pre-printed envelopes.
Available for an investment from $395 per 1,000 records as mailing data and from $595 per 1,000 for mailing and telemarketing data. The standard computer access (programming) fee and delivery is $330. We would be pleased to negotiate a special rate for you, when ordered with another database.
*Please note these prices are inclusive of a 10% GST.
*Minimum order quantity of 4000 records.
Accountable List Brokers have been approved to offer and guarantee this lists deliverability 95% for mailing data, within 30 days of data delivery.