Planet49 Lucky Draw Competitions

eGENTICAustraliaLucky Draw Competitions – Now 1.2 Mill.
PROFILE – This database initially was created to cover all European markets (Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Poland) and has expanded to Australia.  The database within Australia is growing exponentially, with approximately 100,000 new users every month. The data comes with the following attributes: First name, Last name, Email address, Gender, Full Postal Address, Date of Birth, Telephone number, IP Address, Collection Date, and Collection Source.
SELECTIONS – Male/Female/Geographical plus others –
For example –

– What is your current work status?
– What is your annual income?
– What is your highest level of education?
– Marital Status?
– If you have children at home, what are their ages?
– How much would you normally be willing to donate to charity every year?
– What mobile operator do you have?
– Do you like taking part in surveys to “win big prices”?
– What brand of credit card do you own (tick all that apply)
– What is your residential status? (please specify whether it’s rented or owned)
– How many times a year do you travel abroad by air?
Leads of those entering competitions or participating in Research Surveys or Lucky Draws, are generated daily – is one of 5 Sites generating Privacy Compliant Responders.

FORMAT – Upper and lower cased, max. Character length 45, making this ideal for fully personalised laser letters or email campaigns..sent as XLS.

INVESTMENT – The average eGENTIC user is between 18 and 60 years old and have a high affinity to PC and entertainment. Selected Elements provided to you, as below.
Audience                                                         Cost per 1000       
Postal Data…sent to you                                                           $260-$290 (Name, Gender, Address)
Email Data (sent to you)                                                         $250-$500 (Name, Gender, Email…multiuse approved)
Email data (sent by List Owner)                                        $90 (As above….your message is sent twice)
Landline…sent to you                                                  $260-$290
Postal and Phone…sent to you                                   $495 (Name, Gender, Address, Phone)
Co-Registration…direct responders to your question       $1.20 to $12…for all data, weekly
Charity Mailings                                                       please ask
* There is a set up fee of $350 and the Minimum Order is $1,000. Please note these prices exclude GST. 

GUARANTEE – Accountable List Brokers have been approved to offer and guarantee this Lists deliverability 98%, within 30 days of data delivery and will replace 2 for 1 for any “returns”.