Purchasing Decision Makers

Purchasing & Supply Decision Makers Aust & NZ



There are over 646,000 Companies Nationally we can target with contact names of “the Boss”……however, there have been less than 3000 Purchasing Decision Makers identified in this Corporate Data.

This brand new database is unique, in that 500 Companies per day are verified on an ongoing basis that comprehensively covers many Purchasing Decision Makers across Australia, many with Email too. This database hasn’t been provided for rental use previously and over 35,000 Businesses of all sizes are on file.


One Contact per Company, phone, fax, email, postcode, State, number of Printers/PCs.


Upper and lower cased, provided as XLS.


Single use…$380 per 1000 as Mailing data, $450 per 1000 as Phone or Fax data, $690 per 1000 as Mailing and Phone or Fax , $750 per 1000 for Mail, Phone and Fax, or $650 per 1000 Email data.

Multi-use  …$580 per 1000 as Mailing data, $495 per 1000 as Telemarketing or Fax data, $950 per 1000 as Mailing and Telemarketing or Fax, $1.250 per record for Mail, Phone and Fax and, or with Email data, at $2.50 per record.

The standard Computer access (programming) fee and delivery is $300. There is a Minimum Order Quantity of 2,000 records. (If under 2,000 records, $100 surcharge is added.)

*Please note these prices are exclusive of GST.


Accountable List Brokers have been approved to offer and guarantee this lists deliverability 95% for mailing data, within 30 days of data delivery.