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This dataset has 7,658,888 unique transactional records.

Spot Data are a Data Sharing and Data Pooling Company that acquire and update data monthly.

We know your business relies on access to the latest data – but data is just the beginning. The core Reference Tool here is a data history base to search, cross-reference and verify from over 110-million Australian records. We call it truly intelligent data where compared to the alternatives.

These datasets are constantly verified through Data-Pooling and Sharing partners. Spot Data verifies and updates with Charities, Data Acquisition Companies, Mail Houses, Property data suppliers, Telecommunications Companies, Mail Order Houses and other smaller direct mail Companies.

And we have just been informed that over 13.8 million individual consumer Year of Birth records have just been added to cross-match. They will be released shortly in Age Bands of 5 years increments from 18 to 85+ years old.

This is unique since the phone data is compiled from various sources including wholesale list providers, survey providers and opt-in websites to enhance accuracy.

People location information is obtained from sources such as an opt in survey website, ABS Census, ABS HES (Household Expenditure Survey) and some data under license from Australia Post.

Lost records covering such information as deceased people and return to sender information are collected from a number of suppliers and public sources. Transactional Data is also collected from a number of opt- in websites and data sharing partners.

The geo-location information is performed by GCNA and GGCD as well as various public record data bases such as property boundaries and roads.

There are also agreements with a number of large data clients (telemarketing centres etc) to confirm the currency of the data by washing this information to their current customer data.

At a Glance

Over 110 million Australian data records on File.

Access historical data to compare against your “older” information

Updated constantly

Advanced search features for data matching to your File

Cross-match searches to find the information



From $250 set up and $190 per 1000 records flat, $40 per select per 1000, plus GST, for 5,000 plus mailing records, $100 per 1000 plus GST extra for phone.

The RO-MASTER File is available by: Name, Type as below, Address, Phone Number, Mobile Numbers (32%), Postcode, State, and Suburb.

Type or Transaction 137,771 2342021 57,028 1,590,374 625,836 224,872 1,876,875 810,111 7,658,888
Charity (50%)                
Direct Mail (20%)
Inbound Phone (60%)
Transactional..Multi (60%)
Updated (100%)


A sub-file of this is the DOBASE-Victorian Year of Birth database with 3.6 million unique records. The Data is acquired by a Govt Regulatory Body and Updated Monthly by the RO-Master data pooling and sharing Partners. Available by Name, Gender, Address, Suburb, Post Code, Street, Occupants, Year of Birth.

From $250 set up and $275 per 1000 records plus GST for 5000+ mailing records, $100 per 1000 plus GST extra for phone.

 Also, within the main RO-MASTER file, you can also select the current mobile validated numbers, which are by far, the largest selection in Australia:

Female 3397 48341 1744 42508 14729 10959 47897 22722 192297
Male 5259 68995 2125 57019 21922 13819 67124 30801 267064
Not spec. 3356 57216 2276 55224 16765 10209 56403 32028 233477
Total 12012 174552 6145 154751 53416 34987 171424 85551 692838



From $300 set up and $250 per 1000 records flat, $40 per select per 1000, plus GST, for 5,000 plus.

The Mobile Data File is available by: Name, Type as below, Address, Phone Number prefix, Postcode, State, and Suburb.

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