The Best Way To Buy Australian Email Adresses Lists

In this present tough economy, many marketers are in search of low cost methods in order to reach prospects. There are various companies that offer a method to buy Australian email adresses lists, however it is very important for these marketers to ask for a guarantee when making such a purchase. If a supplier is not willing to offer a money-back guarantees this would not be an advisable choice.

When it comes to quality opt-in email addresses, they usually can cost a substantial amount of money. But when the marketer has a strong offer along with a well-priced service or product, quality email lists can result in a very positive type of ROI. Below are the 10 top rules to adhere to when a marketer decides to buy Australian email adresses lists:

1. Live Person

Before agreeing to purchase email addresses, the market should phone the seller. If the marketer is unable to reach a real person, it is highly likely that the purchase will consist of bogus addresses.

2. Generic Email Business Email Addresses

If the marketer sends off offers to the info email addresses such as will often result in no or a minimal response. The generic type email addresses are extremely common with various business emails, attorney email-lists and restaurant email-lists.

This format of email addresses is an indication that the list may have been compiled from what is known as web crawlers. For the successful types of email-list campaigns the marketer should be using the email addresses of the business owner or partner and not the info addresses.

3. 90% Delivery Rate

Email responses rates that are low will typically block the good-deliverable emails or divert these emails to the Spam box. This occurs when the good types of email addresses are related with email blasts that involve a large amount of bad email addresses.

When the good-email addresses have been blocked even an email blast that consists of 1,000,000 names can result in virtually a zero response. When using email lists that are under 90% deliverable will typically result in blocked good-email addresses, which will mean a futile campaign.

4. More Free Names

Some of the list sellers may promise to the buyer free email addresses in order to compensate for any un-deliverable emails. One of the disadvantages to this type of refund is that the free emails are unable to compensate for the fact that the good-emails were sent to Spam boxes or probably blocked because the entire list was considered to be 10% or more bad.

5. Ask For The Direct Mail And Full Name of The Email Recipient

When considering to buy Australian email adresses lists, this list should include the full contact names for each email recipient along with the direct mail address.  It is highly advisable to find another seller when this key data is missing. In addition, the buyer must make sure that the direct-email addresses come with at least a 94% delivery guarantee.

When obtaining the full names of the recipients the buyer is offered with assurance that they are not receiving multiple addresses for one person. The direct-email address will also indicate when the buyer may be provided with email addresses for just a single household.

6.Verify Business Email List Quality

When investing in a business email-list the buyer should always ask for phone numbers for each record. When receiving the list, it is advisable to call a few of the email recipients to ensure that they actually work at the premises. If the email-list supplier is not able to provide phone numbers with their email list, it is highly advisable not to invest in these lists.

7.Obtaining The Right Type Of Email Lists

The easiest method to verify the email list is to use a DER (Demographic Enhancement Report). The buyer of the list can send a sample of their list to an analytical vendor. This report will provide the net worth, gender, income, age and other types of demographic profiles on the list.

8.Value Of Time

$99 for the cost of 100,000 email addresses is considered very cheap and many marketers wonít think much of risking this purchase. However, the hassle and time spent on dealing with the lower quality lists eventually adds up to a lot of money spent.

In addition, there are other risks involved such as the buyers IP address being blacklisted due to the use of a low quality type of email list. Other risks involve the potential harm or risk that can occur to the buyers company or brand name.

9. The Secret To Email Success

There is a definite myth involved that a business needs hundreds of thousands of different email addresses in order to achieve email success. However, the truth is that all that is actually needed is quality email addresses. In fact 5,000 email addresses that have being carefully targeted typically generates more positive responses when compared to 100,000 email addresses of low quality.

10. Low Cost Email Lists

When it comes to buy Australian email adresses lists it is highly advisable for the buyer to follow the above mentioned rules in order to obtain the right type of email addresses. It is always advisable to only work with a company that is backed by money-back guarantees, offers lists that are over 90% deliverable and that the buyer is able to deal with real people.