VSG Dynamic SpotLight Database

VSG Dynamic SpotLight Database
SpotLight is a segmentation of entertainment, event, and lifestyle preferences.
It is based primarily on actual Ticketek customer data that has been aggregated and depersonalised.
Note that, unlike other segmentations, a household can appear in multiple SpotLight segments.
A total of 3,167,482 households (60.0% of the universe) belong to one or more segments.
A unique database that has over 80,000 updates per day, unrivalled in this industry.

Segment Volume Percentage % Entertainment Consumption
Festival Revellers 608,296 11.50% Attend music festivals and dance parties.
Kiddies Korner 834,850 15.80% Attend childrens entertainment events.
Utes and Boots 131,788 2.50% Country music concerts and events
Symphony Sophisticates 185,416 3.50% Classical music, recitals, contemporary folk
Hip Hop Kulcha 251,892 4.80% Soul, R&B and Hip Hop concerts and events
Curtain Call 277,473 5.30% Theatre, musical theatre and ballet
Sporting Calender 148,306 2.80% One off sporting events, often international fixtures and tournaments such as tennis, cricket and swimming
Tribal Sport 933,476 17.70% This category covers team sports which have a regular season and repeat ticket purchases (mostly footy
Lifestyle Expo 479,584 9.10% Caravanning, camping expos, homes shows, cheese fair etc
High Octane Action 554,556 10.50% Motor sports and extreme sports
Loud ‘N’ Live 328,991 6.20% Contemporary rock concerts
Top of the Pops 522,219 9.90% Mainstream contemporary music
High Spenders 465,216 8.80% The biggest consumers of entertainment across all categories

Fully Personalised Name, address, telephone number (from latest updates), DPID and Targeting Filter options, as below –
Targeting filters can be applied using VSGs range of segmentation products, which are linked at individual, household or other levels of geography. Each segmentation product has been developed using the data available to VSG and advanced statistical techniques to derive Direct Marketing segmentation tools. Such as –
Disposable Income – indicates the relative average household purchasing power of a neighbourhood, by ranking it on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high).
This indicator begins by estimating income and taxation costs for individual households. This value is averaged for each CCD and then mortgage, rental and child support costs are deducted from this initial income estimate.
Dwelling Type returns a definition of the dwelling type of an address (e.g. separate dwelling, duplex or whether it is low medium or high density housing).
SEP 1 residence at the address
DUAL 2 residences at the address
LOW More than 2 and up to 11 residences at the address
MED More than 11 and up to 51 residences at the address
HIGH More than 51 residences at the address
Length of Residency
Property Value
Credit demand Indicator
Set up $300 plus Personalised Mailing data from $275 per 1,000 records, Mailing and Telemarketing data from $395 per 1,000 records.
De-duping at $60 per 1,000 records against your in-house database or $20 per 1,000 records processed. (Which ever is lower.)
Targeting filters as shown previously at $250 per selection filter append, regardless of quantity, however SpotLight selections are included in the above cost. *Special rate for Registered Charities.
*All prices shown exclude GST.
Unique, dynamic data sources continuously validate the accuracy and currency of the consumer prospects like no other. A 95% deliverability guarantee means that if more than 5% of your mailing is returned as undeliverable, we will supply the number of undeliverable records in excess of the guarantee at no charge, or provide a refund for these incremental records (conditions apply.)
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