What Are Email List Brokers

Prior to the days of the Internet, if you were doing direct mail marketing, you would have to use a mail brokerage service to get the addresses of people that might be interested in purchasing what you had to sell.

These were very popular businesses to use, but with the appearance of the Internet and the ability to send email for free, they have fallen to the wayside and have actually been replaced by what are called email list brokers.

These are companies that collect emails that people can buy in order to send out advertisements to prospective clients that have a history of purchasing a certain type of product, or that have shown an interest in purchasing a specific product.

These emails are collected using certain strategies on the web and are sold to companies looking for potential buyers. Let’s look at how these email list brokers work, how they collect there leads, and discuss what are email list brokers used for when trying to improve your business.

Overview Of Email List Brokers

These are companies that operate almost solely on the Internet, businesses that have perfected the ability to collect emails all over the web. They will create what are called squeeze pages, webpages that are specifically designed to offer free information or gifts in exchange for an email address.

Some of them will collect more information such as the name of the person signing up, their phone number, and sometimes their address. The more information that is collected, the more they can sell these leads for, and the price also has to do with how recently the information was acquired.

They will use different marketing techniques to get people to sign up, often placing their email sign-up page on websites, specifically on pages that appear after a customer has made a purchase.

You have probably seen these on many different websites, often ignoring them and the deals that they present, but this is how most email list brokers gather thousands of emails every single day using this simple strategy.

What Are Email List Brokers Used For?

Anyone that advertises on the web understands how expensive it can be, especially when using pay per click marketing. Whether you are doing this through Google, Facebook, or another advertising platform, you can pay as much as one dollar for every click without the promise of ever making a sale.

You never know who is clicking on your ads, but when you receive leads from email list brokers from people that have specifically shown an interest in a particular type of product, this increases your chances of making a sale because the lead has been pre-qualified.

If they are willing to enter in their personal information to get more information about a product or service, and this is something that you and your company offer, you have a higher probability of making a sale when contacting these people opposed to random visitors that you are advertising to that may or may not be interested.

How Much Do Leads Cost?

The cost of leads can be substantially more than placing ads on these different advertising networks. These leads are prequalified, and more than likely have cost a considerable amount of money on the part of the email list brokerage firm to acquire, and therefore they are going to be much more expensive.

For example, if you purchase leads that are a couple days old, individuals that are interested in weight loss products, you may be able to get them for as little as a couple dollars per lead.

However, if they are specifically looking for a product that you sell, and the lead is only a couple of hours old, it could cost as much as $20 or more for each email address. This may seem like a lot of money, but people that use these brokerage services for emails understand that their money must be made on the backend.

This means that they may regain the money from the initial sale of the product that these people are looking for, but because they are now subscribed to their email list, additional sales can be made by constantly promoting different products over the course of several months or years.

Making Money With Email Brokerage Services

One of the easiest ways to make money with this particular type of services to sell Evergreen products. These are products that are sold every single year such as weight loss products, how to build muscle, or dieting supplements that have recurring billing, products that you may own or that you may be an affiliate for.

Instead of wasting your money on potential leads using pay per click advertising, hoping that someone will buy, because these leads are prequalified you will have a higher probability of not only making the initial sale but getting these potential clients on a continuity schedule.

Many of the businesses that are very successful with purchasing emails are often sell consumables such as dietary supplements, weight gain products for bodybuilding, and vitamins designed to help people stay healthy. If these products are similar to what you sell right now, you will definitely want to connect with a reputable email brokerage company that can provide you with these leads.

The ability to make money on the Internet really has to do with targeting people as accurately as possible. Although you can use the tools for targeting people by demographics on Facebook, or the keyword terms that people are searching for on Google, it might be better to simply approach those that have already shown an interest for products that you are selling and contact them right away.

Now that you know the answer to what are email list brokers used for, and you can see the potential for earning substantial revenue, you might want to use one of these reputable companies that you find online to start targeting interested buyers right away.