Who Remembers Me – Australia & New Zealand Emails

Who Remembers Me Australian & New Zealand Emails Profile
Founded in May 2003, our consumer people-finder website now has more than 20 million registered members worldwide with membership currently growing at approximately 300,000 per month. This fresh data is key to the continued success of our marketing databases.
WRM-Media data is collected through full opt-in registration on the website; registrants submit their full name, date of birth, gender, address and site-specific interest sectors. The opt-in is gained via a positive action tick box giving us permission to send them relevant promotional eDM and postal marketing from ourselves and carefully selected third party advertising.
WRM-Media holds the largest opt-in eDM base in Australia. We also have over 520,000 postal records on file. At present, we are adding between 30,000 and 50,000 fresh members in Australia every month. We achieve this through a combination of our highly successful tell-a-friend member campaigning, natural and organic search, search engine marketing and optimisation and third party member generation programmes.
We do not incentivise our members to open and click on any email. This means everyone who opens and clicks on your eDM with WRM-Media is genuinely interested in your offer, and nothing else.
Total number of records available for third party emailing in Australia are 980,000 contacts (must be sent by List Owner) plus 527,000 have postal address.
In New Zealand 90,000 contacts are available for email marketing only. The following selections are available:
CAMEO Geodemographic Groups
Behavioural targeting
Date of Birth
Email Address

Male Female
AU 370,000 603,000
NZ 32,000 56,000


18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+
AU 137,000 172,000 138,000 102,000 57,000 26,000
NZ 4,400 6,600 7,300 6,400 4,400 2,000

CAMEO Group (Aust only)

CAMEO Australia Count
1. Affluent Urban Professionals 32,085
2. Wealthy Family Neighbourhoods 57,128
3. High Income Urbanites & Students 36,954
4. Comfortable Mixed Areas 91,393
5. Mixed Areas of Modest Detached Homes 81,644
6. Less Affluent Older Singles, Couples & Singles Parents 33,495
7. Less Affluent Mixed Family Neighbourhoods 67,322
8. Low Income Neighbourhoods with Many Single Parents 73,800
9. Diverse Urban Communities on Low Incomes 27,732
10.Rural Communities on Very Low Incomes 26,236
Total 527,789

Mail Data is provided as a comma delimited text file that can easily be opened or imported into Excel, Access or used in a mail merge production. The data is upper and lower cased with maximum character length 45 ideal for letters and labels.
Pre-campaign CAMEO Analysis $750 per report
Base (Email or Mail) Data Per 1000 (CPM) $270
Demographic Selection Charges CPM $50
Behavioural Selection Charges CPM $50
Campaign set-up, testing and broadcast $300
Open & Click reporting FOC
Post-campaign CAMEO Analysis $750
(Minimum order $1,000. All plus GST.)
Accountable List Brokers have been approved to offer and guarantee email delivery of 95% within 30 days of delivery.