25,000 Media Contacts

You can find the best avenue and geographic region for your next advertising or PR campaign from over 3,000 newspaper, magazine, tv (including subscription tv) radio and internet media possibilities.
Detailed Over 25,000 contact details for executives (MDs, CEOs, CFOs, PR managers, general managers, station managers, advertising and marketing managers/co-coordinators, chiefs-of-staff, publishers, company secretaries) and staff (editors, writers and critics, assistant editors, journalists, art directors, producers, reporter, photographers, presenters, etc) so you can easily communicate with the target you want.


Postcode range/Position/Media type.


Upper and lower cased, max character length 45, making this ideal for fully personalised laser letters or mailing labels. The database is provided on disc, or for a small extra charge can be provided on self-adhesive labels or pre-printed envelopes.


Data is available for an investment for Mailing data, $190 per 1,000 or $240 per 1,000 for Mailing and Telemarketing data. Also available is Faxing data at $210 per 1,000. For a small extra charge, this file can be provided on multi-use basis, which means you can retain and re-use the database. The standard Computer access (programming) fee and delivery is $200. We would be pleased to negotiate a special rate for you, when ordered with another database. *Please note these prices are exclusive of 10% GST.


Accountable List Brokers have a guarantee that the Listings deliverability is 95% for Mailing data, within 30 days of data delivery.