Unique information from the National Integration from a survey-based List Owner that documents predominant special interests the Australian population have, be they recreational, business, whatever takes their fancy.

This information is captured in a ‘real time’ process so nothing will be closer to represent a specific persons interests at that point of time, it’s not survey information gathered months ago.

We have been approved to offer this information, covering millions of social media participants, with Emails (and many cases, Mobiles to SMS or phone) for direct communication to appropriate “value” clients offering relevant services.

You can select the Interest/s closest to your audience, no matter how diverse or ‘specialized’ they may be.

Here’s some broad Interests as a starting guide:





Environmental Issues

Office Supplies/Stationary

Arts & Crafts


Outdoors & Adventure


Financial Services

Personal Investments/Shares/Stocks


Food & Wine/Beverages


Catalogue Shopping

Health & Beauty


Computer Games/Hardware/Software

Home & Garden

Reading Books

Consumer Electronics


Sports & Fitness


Job Searching


Education & Training

Live Shows/Sporting Events/Speakers


How is it opt-in? It’s collated from privacy-compliant public sources as part of a focus by a major Australian company, who are constantly researching Individual likes and dislikes.

Relying on ‘historical’ information that’s used by many to base marketing decisions on, is presuming we, as individuals, see as a priorities consistent from week to week…..of course that’s a fallacy, we change our opinions and priorities all the time.

Areas of Interest we need to know to ascertain your audience:

  •   Core business activity you are promoting and sample of same.
  •   The interest/s of the ideal audience for your promotion – what is top-of-mind.
  •   How many customers do you wish to reach, in what time frame.

Who does the Email Transmission/Phone Calls/SMS?

  •   We are able to provide the data to you to do so, once your message is approved.
  •   However it’s imperative to maintain the security of same as you would understand and ourpaperwork reflects this. The email address and where available separately, contact names or phone numbers to identify individuals must be held securely, so a recipient can unsubscribe simply, if they wish, to not receive further messages from you. We hold a master list to suppress any promotional email too
  •   We are also able to transmit your message via a Professional Email/SMS programme designed to comply with the latest SSID technology so your message has a much greater chance of being delivered and visually way ahead of something like mail-chimp…with full reports on opens/clicks.
  •   We can offer you Real Time reporting on those who open the Links just after it happens, so an immediate follow up can be done.
  • Indicative Costing OptionsData sending options are shown below as Email Data ( complex selections may incur additional fees) …all with maximum 4 sends within 12 months approval. Phone may be available on some data in conjunction with above (after DNC if applicable) for 25 cents each extra plus gst (In reality, if you sent max 4 emails within 12 months, it’s about 15 cents each)

All prices are plus GST. The List Owner must approve your creative (just a quick review of your links, pictures, wording etc) via ourselves, prior to sending. (Once this commences you are approved to use within 12 months usage based on your professional standards.)

If you do the SMS or Email blast, we highly recommend you use a professional bureau for same to ensure deliverability is maximized and security of the data is maintained. You also have 12 months multiuse. After 12 months you are able to renew this agreement with new data added too, otherwise further usage is prohibited to non-responders.

If we organize your Transmission, it’s initially for a single send and there may be additional Production charges to integrate your HTML into the platform. Word Docs or PDFs can be translated into HTML for a minimal charge and ideally you have a landing page for the responder to obtain more of their details prior contact. Of course, you will receive full reports during and after the send.

GUARANTEE DELIVERABILITY: 85% plus, excluding Telecom transmission issues, full mailboxes etc. Consumers emails are very “volatile (changeable) hence replacement data provided if under 85% on a 2 extras for 1 returned basis. Extra data may be provided at the time of order to anticipate this.