Australian Corporate Database

Australian Corporate Database Profile

Containing a massive 921,000 companies with over 800,000 contacts, this database dwarfs other corporate contact files. You can reach Senior Decision-Makers in thousands of businesses that have never been available in one source before. Its coverage of cities outside of the State capitals is also unsurpassed, for mail, phone & many more records have Company or Personalised Emails (please refer to page 3.)

The file contains businesses of all sizes, from large multinationals to smaller businesses that provide employment to the majority of Australians and is constantly verified. This can also be de- duped against your in-house database prior to delivery at minimal charge.

From our Consumer database, we can also get over 470,000 Directors at Home (one per address) and half with “after DNC” phone and 79,000 have Email.
Please refer to our Residential Data pricing.

Is your database not up to speed? Missing fields like Contact names, addresses, phone numbers, or email address? We can append these fields to your in-house database!

What we do initially is take a sample of your data and fully review it. We let you know the rough match-up level & this gives you a snapshot of the initial integrity of what you have (at no- charge).


Top 50,000 Companies, (140,000 Senior Management) small businesses (mostly with less than 20 employees), Fax numbers, Email (over 255,000) Industry, Position, State, Postcode & ABN or A.C.N.

Mailing, Telemarketing & Fax Counts – all Personalised

Key Positions of Decision Makers


FORMAT & GUARANTEE – Provided in Excel, upper and lower cased. Deliverability is 98%+ for Mailing,

95%+ for Telemarketing and 85%+ for Fax and Email.
PRICING – Minimum Order $1,000 plus GST. (We run Fax No’s through the Do Not Fax Register prior delivery.)

Email Job Titles (also with Postal/Phone) *multiple contacts per company

PRICING …. Minimum Order $1,000 *all plus GST. Multi-use is for 12 months usage


Rate (Single-use)

Rate (Multi-use)

Set Up




Mail or Tele or Fax



Per 1,000

Email & Mail or Tele



Per 1,000

Mail & Tele (incl. Fax no charge)



Per 1,000

Email Only



Per 1,000

Email, Mail & Tele (incl. Fax no charge)



Per 1,000

Mail, Phone, Fax, Industry, Revenue, Employees



Per 1,000

Additional Fields each *see below Table



Per 1,000

Employee Size


Location Count

Business Name – Legal Entity

ASX Listed

Market..B2B or B2C


Overseas Owned

PC Value



Key Industry

The last word……

We conduct many Campaigns to create data for clients when data required isn’t available ‘off the shelf’, or data that is available is exhausted.

Our Project Team can specifically create that audience for you.

By adding ‘your required Position’ into their corporate verification programme, which is ongoing nationally you are then progressively supplied with fresh and accurate information that can be immediately utilised by your sales team.

We have 2 main options….depending on whether Email is critical or not. (In some cases the recipient may wish to keep that information supressed.)

1/… $300 set up and for validating the Company, Postal, Phone, a Personalised email contact where possible, otherwise the Company preferred Contact Email, its $3.50 + GST per record for Multiuse. We can also provide Industry type and size by employees for a little extra.

Email data has a 90%+ deliverability guarantee, (excluding ‘soft’ bounces due to full mailboxes, or internet/servers down) and it’s validated before being provided to you.

2/…For Personalised records where we find the Email address isn’t available or not disclosed, that Postal and Phone data would be provided to you at $2.25 + GST each for multiuse. (again with the option for other fields to be added as per above)

As mentioned, in all cases, this data is provided to you for multi-use and ongoing contact and is priced on-par to commercial data so you are not paying a premium.

In most cases, we can commence supply of brand new data to you within 5 working days.