Australian Trust Business Database


With 29,000+ listings: (growing weekly) of Companies establishing Trusts.

Data Elements:

Company/Business Name,

Business/Physical Address,

Preferred postal address,

Company Phone Number (sometimes up to 3 Contact Telephone Numbers per listing)

Company Email address (provided to you to transmit),

Employee size,


Internet site URL,

Director Contact names,

Executives Contact Names,

Management contact names.


INVESTMENT…. Minimum Order $1,200.

All prices below plus GST.

Set Up All with nominated Contact name….. $300 Flat
Rental Mail Only (Add,Suburb,State&Postcode) $300 Per 1,000
Tele Only (Suburb,State,Postcode&Phone) $375 Per 1,000
Mail & Tele $600 Per 1,000
Email Only (Suburb,State,Postcode&Email) $650 Per 1,000
Mail, Tele & Email $1100 Per 1,000
Multi-use Mail $580 Per 1,000
(All 12 Tele $630 Per 1,000
Months Mail & Tele $790 Per 1,000
Usage.) Email $950 Per 1,000
Mail, Tele & Email $1200 Per 1,000

*Sample of Mail Piece/Telemarketing Script/Email Creative required prior approval (please ensure opt-out provision on Email.)



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