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Who are we?
Why did we form?
• What can we do for you?
• When do we get involved?

Who are we?
Accountable List Brokers is a list broking and a marketing management firm specialising in all database and production activities relative to Direct Marketing.
Accountable List Brokers has expanded from Queensland to a National Presence, and works with a Broad Cross section of clients targeting Consumer and Business Markets.
From a Marketing Cadet at 17 with Repco, to a Direct Marketing Database company that commenced over 30 years ago, the principal, Laird Marshall has a 40-year Marketing background. With a commitment to working with youth and fellow business people alike, Laird has served as Chairman on the Board of Paddington Skillshare, and is now the past Chairman in Queensland of the Australian Direct Marketing Association and Milton Chamber of Commerce. Currently, he is the President of the Southport Chamber of Commerce.
Progressing to a Teaching Fellow in Direct Marketing at Bond University throughout 2000, Laird believes it is essential to remain focused on the immediacy of short term Impact that a successful Direct marketing campaign can achieve whilst building the relationship that only Direct Marketing can foster with clients.
Whilst the Principals of ALB have the necessary formal qualifications to ensure the success of your campaign, as importantly, they are also ‘street smart’, having been in the industry and related fields having over 40 years experience. “Street smart” ensures you get value for money. With the opening of an additional office in Sydney, Laird and his team are eager to start attending directly to clients within the “New York” of Australia, the Sydney CBD, in addition to serving his current and future clientèle on an international basis.
Why did we form?
Over the past few years we have listened to people complaining over the lack of professional Direct Marketing services. At first we thought these complaints were isolated incidents, but on reflection it was apparent that the feeling was fairly widespread. We felt that to make a success of the operation, we should listen, take note and act on the complaints and shortcomings.
By addressing the areas of complaint, we automatically began providing service long sought-after in the industry. The key area it seems, that has been lacking all this time, has been that of control. Production costs can blow out, staff “delegated” to deal with your campaign didn’t have the expertise, or frankly, didn’t give a “stuff” and your campaign simply didn’t work.
What can we do for you?
All of our Clients’ are primarily interested in making as much profit as they can – so we can utilise the appropriate Direct Marketing Methodology to make this happen for you!
So let’s run through our Key Operational Strategy, typified by a full-service campaign.

  1. Strategic Analysis of Proposed Campaign
    Ensure the cost to implement a Direct Marketing Campaign is balanced against the (essentially) short term and medium term objectives. The expenses involved with a campaign must be fully considered before you commence – if not, it’s similar to heading towards a destination you’ve never been to before, without a road map! We can detail that road map, so you know the shortest path. We consider 68 individual elements that we’ve documented as being relevant to a Direct Marketing Campaign – these are some of them:
  2. Clearly state your Objectives for your particular program.
    You must set your specific objectives, define your goals, determine what you want to achieve. No one outside your company can begin to decide what your objectives should be. Only you can do that most important task.
  3. Define a Timetable to accomplish specific objectives.
    On a weekly, monthly basis.
  4. Establish a Budget to meet your objectives within a timeframe.
    These first three points of this strategy must fit together like a puzzle -comfortable and tight!
  5. Clearly identify your target market Audience.
    The size of the market – how can it be expanded and exploited. Are all the Market Segments identified – what does research tell us?
    What do we know about current customers – how often do they buy – what’s their profile and the profile of your best prospects.
  6. Create and define your Offer
    A reason for talking to your prospective audience is what your Offer is. Just as a personal sales call needs a reason for happening, so must your marketing message have a reason for being, an Offer, to be successful.
    A weak or poor message of Offer to the right audience has a chance of bringing some success. But it won’t work the other way ’round.
    Don’t forget the USP (Unique Selling Position) must appeal to the audience – who will always be asking – WIIFM.
  7. The Creative, the copy and art.
    Your product positioning – with your features and what they mean to your clients. The AIDCA formula must be adhered to.
  8. Media selection/production.
    Planning the creative approach and planning the media mix, the message carrier, happen simultaneously. They come together as one. They happen after a clear understanding of the first six points we’ve detailed.
  9. Analyse the results.
    The “difference” between Advertising and Marketing:
    i) What worked?
    ii) What did not work?
    iii) Why – why what worked did work and why what did not work, did not work?
    iv) What are you going to do about it now that you know?

To encompass each of the elements, apart from Strategic Planning and the ongoing Overview with Objectives, there are Specific Operations we conduct:

* Your Database
There is hardly a clients’ customer/prospect database we have viewed, that isn’t full of duplication and inaccuracies. Apart from the wasted mail – that you are paying for – it doesn’t impress your clients receiving two or more mail pieces.
* Sourcing Comprehensive Consumer-Business Databases
With 14 years experience in this area, we know what to look for. We have a formalised arrangement with all major List Providers throughout Australia to enable us to source alternative databases and compare like-with-like.
* Mail Processing (“Stuffing things in envelopes”)
We will organise (plus monitor like no-one-else) any extent of mail processing and fulfilment. We guarantee all work started is carried out and we can turn around, with either handline “bulky” items or fully automated processing, your job inside 24 hours if need be.
We guarantee to save you time and money in mail lodgement economies of scale.

When do we get involved?
If we are involved from the beginning, it is our job to ensure the timeframe, the production materials, etc. all blend together. You need a campaign to run as smoothly as possible, and the wrong choice of paper stock, or incorrect database, can put a real financial hole in the results. We pride ourselves on our standards of professionalism and strive to continue the relationship with you in the future – and the best way to do that is to make everyone successful!