Consumer Verfication Programme

“Best Practice”
Pre Consumer Verification Programme
To prepare your database to be run against the new Do Not Call Register for matches, you have this opportunity to validate your in-house database in conjunction with Acxiom Infobase.
Remember under the new rules, its the users responsibility to make sure the numbers you call comply with the DNC provisions..(and if any of your phone numbers cant be correctly validated against against the DNC Register, they will need to be re-submitted until they do!)
So, with the initial Inspection process of your Database, we identify with a flag, whatever is now noted on the voluntary “Do not mail database”, which now has over 636,000 listings!
Then we make sure your phone data is consistent enough to be matched with the DNC.
The total investment for this service is $1100 incl. GST.
We also do an Optix Verification Report (at no charge) which indicates a Summary of:
Customers who have moved and duplicate records
Addresses which are not complete – i.e. undeliverable
Telephone numbers, which are disconnected/need major updating
DPID’s which are incorrect / not on your file, for correct addressing and postage discounts..
You can then decide if you do want us to append data by using Tele-append & Best Address, then records will be modified for a predetermined price. The standard investment to action these changes, for example, 10000 records, would be $1990 + GST. (This price is based on what we would typically expect on a Consumer file for which is around 40-50% for tele-append and 3% for best address and is governed largely by the quality and currency of the name and data.)
The database is a compiled multi-sourced list drawn from approximately 33 different sources, which are multiple public domain data sources, real property data enhanced by lifestyle surveys and more. It contains key demographic, home ownership characteristics & purchase behaviour. This is maintained daily with suppressions and updated monthly…whereas the electoral roll for example, is only maintained every few years.
An integral part of this Programme is that its designed to provide an extremely comprehensive Report back to you, where statistical summaries are also provided to identify as many records as possible for:
Family Structure
Age Range
Property Market Value
Metro/Regional The Summary provides representation of the total Australian or State Level Characteristics.
This gives you the ability to contact these individuals to ensure they still wish to receive correspondence from you. Familiarize your staff with the need to have inferred or actual consent to be contacted by your Company and demonstrate that you are taking reasonable steps to ensure you are not contacting anyone who has shown a propensity to register with the current exclusion list and new DNC Register.