Craftmatic Database

These vibrant respondents (394,490) to direct mail promotional campaign offers for information on the benefits of owning a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed. These beds are designed for ease of use, and provide comfort as well as therapeutic benefits through massage and heat control options. They appeal to individuals with back ailments, arthritis and other conditions who are trying to improve the quality of their rest and sleep time.
Craftmatic lists have been on the market for years in other parts of the world. Craftmatic lists have a track record of working particularly well for offers such as sweepstakes and prize draws, household goods, health products, home entertainment, collectibles, charitable giving, financial services. Plus, it is ideal for any offers that appeal to the 40+ market segment. This is increasing at over 20,000 new records a month.
40% of Respondents and In-home Presentation names are aged 50-60yrs (157,000) and the remainder ( 237,000) are 60+yrs. not too many at all under the 50 age group!
BREAKDOWN BY STATE FOR 0-12MTHS (Double for 0-24 months)

Craftmatic – Inhome Presentations (0-12 mo.)
STATE Male Ct. Female Ct. Total
ACT 0 0 0
NSW 4,057 7,011 11,068
QLD 3,995 4,479 8,474
SA 561 915 1,476
VIC 7,917 10,614 18,531
WA 6,965 5,655 12,620
TOTAL 23,495 28,674 52,169
Craftmatic – DM Responders (0-12mo.)
STATE Male Ct. Female Ct. Total
ACT 11,722 9,701 21,423
NSW 13,045 18,100 31,145
NT 2,952 3,752 6,704
QLD 7,999 10,999 18,998
SA 3,451 3,326 6,777
VIC 18,405 24,462 42,867
WA 26,726 29,275 56,001
TOTAL 84,300 99,615 183,915

From these Responders, this audience has been contacted.and is available for rental too.
Consumer Postal List Data 3,853,703 (All Mailed)
Names with Phone Numbers 2,112,878
Key Response Predictions
Age 1,075,681
Gender 3,221,775
Mail Order Propensity 1,754,077
Databases are usually provided as a comma delimited text file that can easily be opened or imported into Excel, Access or used in a mail merge production. The data is upper and lower cased with maximum character length 45 ideal for letters and labels.
As a guide, theres a set up fee of $300 and mailing data is from a base of $300 plus GST per 1000 records, with a minimum order of 5000 records.
Recency $30 per 1000 records.
Gender $12 per 1000 records.
Geographical select $18 per 1000 records.
Delivery fee $75 flat rate (incl in Set up).
All prices exclude GST.
The List Owner also encourages a “List Swap” with Clients who have similar Demographics as their audienceplease tell us what you have in mind!
Accountable List Brokers have been approved to offer and guarantee mailing delivery of 95% within 30 days of delivery.