Health Magazine Subscribers


Mail Order Buyers in Australia and New Zealand


This list consists of paid mail order buyers and enquirers of health books including “THE DOCTORS BOOK OF HOME REMEDIES FOR WOMEN”, “LOW FAT LIVING” , “NEW CHOICES IN NATURAL HEALING” and “BANISH YOUR BELLY”. The average order value is $50. This list consists of 70% Female and 30% Male, most aged 40+. There is a segment of “Men’s Health” male names who are aged 28-45. All these names were gathered via direct mail. The list works very well for a range of mail order offers – these are individuals who actively shop by mail and by catalogues, publishers, charities, financial and general mail-order. Date of birth is available on approximately 10% of all records at this stage, and there are a number of interest group selects.
Paid Buyers 132,000
Inquirers 71,000
New Zealand 20 310 (Paid 12859, Inquirers 7451)
Interest groups: Weight loss 22,052, Pets 7,719, Cooking 26,941, Home Maintenance 5,051, Woodworking 2,461, Sewing 5,170, Gardening 14,346, Running 1,371.
Australia counts by state: NSW 49,126, QLD 34,314, VIC 32,944, WA 18,688, SA 14,957 TAS 4,442, ACT 2,509, NT 1,410.
Mailing data available for: Buyers $285 per 1,000, Hotline (0-3 months) $310 per 1,000, Interest groups $310 per 1,000, Inquirers $265 per 1,000 and a set-up fee of $330 flat and a minimum quantity of 5,000.
*Please note these prices are inclusive of a 10% GST.
By nth select, postcode, state/metro, recency, gender, interest, paid buyers, enquirers.
Upper and lower cased, max character length 38, making this ideal for fully personalised laser letters or mailing labels. The database can be provided on cheshire labels, self-adhesive labels, pre-printed envelopes or mail merge disc, with all processing conducted by Accountable List Brokers.
Accountable List Brokers have been approved to offer and guarantee this Lists deliverability 95% for mailing data, within 30 days of data delivery.