How To Buy Email Of Pet Owners

Did you know that email marketing has an average ROI of $38 for each dollar spent? This makes email marketing the most profitable way to advertise online. Internet users are six times more likely to click on a link sent via email than a link shared in a tweet.

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, brands are forty times more likely to retain new customers via email marketing. You can get excellent results with an email marketing campaign but there are a few obstacles you will probably meet. The first challenge consists in finding recipients who will be interested in your products and services.

How To Buy Email Of Pet Owners

If you offer products or services that cater to pet owners, you could boost your sales by purchasing an email list of pet owners. These lists are fairly easy to find since 44% of all households in the U.S. have a dog and 35% of American households own a cat. On average, people spend $1,600 a year on their dog and $1,100 a year on their cat.

You can purchase an email list directly from a marketer or from a company that specializes in email marketing. You can have an agency create an email list for your needs or buy an existing list. Purchasing an existing list from a marketer is probably the most affordable option.

Ask yourself what your needs are before you purchase an email list. You might for instance need a list of email addresses for individuals who own a dog, a cat or another type of pet. You might want to get email addresses of recipients who earn above a certain income level or who live in a specific area. Make sure the list you purchase matches the profile you want to target.

Before you buy email of pet owners, make sure that the recipients on this list have given their explicit permission to receive promotional emails. Your emails will be seen as intrusive and will probably be ignored if the recipients did not agree to receiving promotional content. Besides, you might be reported as a spammer by some recipients.

Why Should You Invest In An Email List?

Sending quality emails to the right recipients is a good way to generate traffic. You can design a series of emails to gradually educate your audience about the products or services you are offering. You could also send out a newsletter with content that will be interesting and entertaining to pet owners and occasionally promote a product.

Sending emails allows you to build a relationship with your audience. The recipients who read your emails will get to know more about you and about your brand and they will trust your opinions and recommendations if you keep sharing interesting and helpful content. You could for instance review pet products or teach your audience how to recognize food and treats that are made with healthy ingredients.

It might be best to send an initial email to your recipients to ask them if they would like to receive more content from you. This is a good way to avoid sending unwanted emails. You can also ask recipients to choose what kind of emails they would like to receive and to fill out a brief survey to tell you more about their pets and their shopping habits.

What Can You Sell Once You Buy Email Of Pet Owners?

Investing in an email list is a good option if you sell products that pet owners would be interested in or services they are likely to need. You should also think about investing in one of these lists if you have a website or blog geared towards pet owners. An email list will help you get more traffic for your site or blog and allow you to earn more with your ad or with the other method you decided to use to monetize your site or blog.

Pet food, treats and similar products will definitely interest everyone on your email distribution list. A lot of pet owners want to find healthier alternatives to the products that most stores sell. Some pet owners spend money on items like toys and pet clothes fairly regularly.

There is also a growing demand for connected devices that allow owners to interact with their pets when there are away from home. You can also purchase an email distribution list to sell pet health insurance policies or to promote a veterinarian practice if you can find a list of pet owners in your area.

Purchasing an email list with recipients who own pets is a good strategy if you want to generate some new leads. Email marketing is more efficient than other platforms as long as you personalize your emails and share content that is interesting and helpful.

Pet owners care about their animals and will be interested in learning more about your products and services if you can offer something that is valuable. Take the time to look for a marketer or for an agency that can either create or sell an email list that is adapted to your needs. Make sure the recipients have agreed to receiving promotional emails.

Think about using surveys to learn more about your recipients and don’t hesitate to organize your list into different groups so you can send content that is more relevant to the needs and interests of each recipient.