How To Use Email List Brokers To Build Your Email Marketing List?

What Are Email List Brokers? Email Marketing Explained!

It would be wrong to classify marketing as a science since it depends on human behavior and is not based on laws like the theory of relativity or law of motion. Ideally, marketing does not have predetermined results. As a matter of fact, it is part of  a bigger picture of research, spreadsheets, polls, sales and many more.

Well, there are many forms of marketing and they keep changing in order to adapt to the manner in which individuals work, live and most importantly, buy! In fact, we started communication with the advent of newspapers and before that, people would stand on hills and use smoke or yell at each other. Well, in some way, yelling is still considered to be a way of marketing, but we have more finessed methods of marketing today.

What Are Email List Brokers? The Definition

The marketing world is made up of various components like advertising, direct marketing, telemarketing, trade shows and many more. List brokers come in and try to connect businesses to the right customers. To be more technical, a list broker is a firm that collects and sells information for email marketing purposes. A good list broker is essentially a talented matchmaker, business wise. They will communicate with advertising companies and marketing executives that have multinational clients, network marketers,  entrepreneurs and so on. They will give marketing lists that will give their clients the best results specific to their marketing campaign.

If you decide to create a marketing list with the help of a list broker, then it’s imperative that you learn the differences between getting a list of physical addresses  and phone numbers to obtaining email address. Basically, a list broker lets you buy a small list based on matching data in a bigger list in regards to your needs. If you wish to use a reputable list broker, the process is not that easy, mostly because the email addresses obtained from a broker must be permission based, according to law.

Well, getting email addresses from a list broker is full of potential pitfalls.  If the list broker company you choose does not adhere to or understand the laws and trends of the consumer landscape, then sending people on the issued list has high chances of leading you to a blacklist. This eventually damages your reputation, as well as the ability to send emails. Keep in mind that email marketing providers discourage the use of rented lists and almost never allow bought lists.

That being said, purchasing a confirmed permission list is the only feasible option for sending emails through EMPs. These lists tend to be quite expensive as they are hard to obtain and belong to individuals who are interested in receiving a specific type of information. So, you can expect to shed off about ten to thirty cents per email address to send an email to an address on a confirmed list.

As a tip, beware of alleged confirmed permission lists that are for sale as a data file. Quality lists are very valuable and are rented out most of the time. They also vary in quality and so, remember to inquire about the process the broker used to obtain permission. In regards to this, you can ask the following questions:

How and Where the addresses were obtained

Ensure that any forms used to collect the email addresses asked for explicit permission to share the address as opposed to just stating that it may be used in a separate policy. If permission was through a check box, ascertain that the individual had to select check the box as opposed to leaving it as-is.

How Interests are Selected

There are some brokers who make assumptions in regards to people’s interests  based on the information they collect. A reputable email list broker will actually ask the subscribers to state or select their interests. Ensure that the subscriber submitted the interest information before paying or renting any list.

When Permission Was Confirmed

It is a fact that most subscribers may not remember opting in the permission to receive emails if a long time has passed since the onset of subscription. As such, it’s important to ask the broker to give you the opt-in date with any list, even if it’s a sample.

The acid test of the quality of a permission confirmed list provided by any broker is if the subscribers remember choosing to receive related emails and whether they expect such emails from a business of your kind.

Renting an Email Marketing List

As opposed to to buying the list, renting means that the broker firm never gives you the email addresses used to send your emails. Instead, you will give the list broker your content and and they send it to your chosen list. Given that it is a rented list with limited times of sending marketing emails, it is wise to include a sign up link in the marketing email.

You can then later add to your list of potential clients who are interested in your products or services, but they are not yet ready to purchase the moment they receive your email. If the email list broker does not allow subscription links in the brokered emails, then ensure that any links in it lead to a landing page that has your signup link, button or box.

If you are able to capture  information and even make sales using a rented or leased list, ensure that your emails ,meet or exceed the expectations of your prospects so that you can keep them happy and interested with what you have to offer. I hope that this article has properly answered the question “what are email list brokers?” and wish you the best in your marketing venture.