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This is unique an online directory which provides access to a selection of data on arguably the largest 25,000 Companies from the IncNet National database. (21,000 in Australia & 4,000 in NZ.)
This database is targeted at BTB marketers who are looking for a source of regular leads in small quantities, rather than thousands of records at once. Typical users are small/medium businesses with a need for well researched and qualified leads rather than larger quantity mailings. Increasingly however large company users are providing IOL to sales and business development teams as a resource to support prospecting and supplement in house CRM.
As with the usual standard, updates are loaded nightly to maximise data freshness.
Current IO users include IT and software vendors, telecommunications companies, publishers, printers, graphic designers, promotional products, fundraisers, sales promotion companies, financial services, training and development, employment consultants, media agencies, marketing, PR consultants, collection agencies and management consultants.
As it is designed to be primarily a reference tool, IOL does not feature mass downloading or list creation functions as such but it’s simple to copy and paste the data you require.
Top Positions Available: (multiple contacts per firm in most cases)

CEO 19,492 4,322 23,814
CFO 11,490 2,464 13,954
CIO 6,470 1,190 7,660
HR 4,689 903 5,592
MKT MGR 5,512 1,415 6,927
Total 47,653 10,294 57,947

Users can combine selection fields to make their searches as broad (e.g. industry and geography), or as specific (e.g. street name and company name), as required.
Records which meet the search criteria are shown on the Search Results screen and can be individually printed or cut and pasted into a spreadsheet.
Available fields are Contacts, (up to 5 Key Contacts) Position, Male/Female, Company, Mailing Address, Suburb, State, Postcode, Country, Street Address, Suburb, State, Postcode, Country, Website, Phone, Fax, Revenue, Empl Size, ABN, ACN, Parent Company, Parent Country, Industry Codes and SIC Codes.
IOL is provided under a 12 month subscription under an Annual Licence agreement. Basic subscription is a single user (1 concurrent log in) licence costing $1250 + GST. Further users can be added to the licence for $750 + GST each. The term “1 concurrent log in” means only one user at a time can be logged in and using IOL.
Accountable List Brokers have been approved to offer and guarantee this data deliverability 90%+ for Telemarketing data and 95%+ for Mailing data, within 30 days of data download.
Compared to “regular” data at $0.38 cents a record for Mailing information to $1.90 for Mail, Phone, Fax etc, for each record you download, this equates to 2.2 cents a contact!
To give you an idea of the accuracy of this data, this is the latest Maintenance Scheduale:
January July 2009..based on entire database of215,543 contacts
Dead mail updates
Returned mail received and processed = 6,236
Contacts research
New contacts added = 19,891
Contacts updated = 97,370
Contacts deleted = 11,615
Companies research
New companies = 628
Company changes = 17,672
(Change of address, name, phone, fax or email address)
We believe nothing else comes close to this!
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