Phone Directory Consumer List

Consisting of over 12 million Consumer records (majority being married couples), with contacts located generally within high density regions, throughout Australia, this is one of the largest databases available, exhibiting an audience that has an immense buying power, and by mailing at their residence, you have a dual opportunity to succeed.
Verified against public access data, these are good responders to direct marketing offers, such as books, fashion, household appliances, and multi-level marketing, approximately 78% are in the Metropolitan areas, are concentrated on the C and D Income Groups (lower middle to upper middle).
Available by male/female or both contacts, postcode, income level and geodemographic selections.

State Dwellings Individuals
NT 43,400 89,620
NSW & ACT 2,172,815 4,346,574
VIC 1,556,727 3,175,029
QLD 1,107,481 2,214,597
SA 531,702 1,024,071
WA 597,464 1,166,014
TAS 169,903 324,133
TOTAL 6,179,492 12,340,038

Upper and lower cased, max character length 38, making this ideal for fully personalised laser letters or mailing labels. The database is provided on disc or for a small extra charge can be provided self-adhesive labels or pre-printed envelopes.
Australia Post has just completed the largest overhaul to the mail system in its history. These changes have major repercussions for businesses that mail to large customer databases. Accountable List Brokers are fully equipped to handle barcoding of your database, to ensure that you pay lowest possible postage costs on your Direct Mail Campaigns.
Barcoding costs start from $50, with final cost being dependant on the size of your database.
Two options are available as follows:
1) We can provide a test sample of 1000 Personalised records for $325, (which gives you First Initial, Surname, Address and Phone Number) or for orders over 1000 records for a $220 set up fee and $160 per 1000 records for mailing or $195 per 1000 records for mailing and telemarketing data.
2) Alternatively, fully personalised (with  Title and First Name) mailing data is available for an investment from $275 per 1,000 records or Mailing & Telemarketing Data from $325 per 1,000 records. (For a small added fee, this file can be provided on a multi-use basis, which means you can retain and re-use the database for a period of 12 months). The standard Computer Access Fee (programming) and delivery is $275. The minimum order quantity for this file is 2,000 records.
*Please note these prices are inclusive of a 10% GST.
Accountable List Brokers has been approved to offer and guarantee this lists deliverability 95% on mailing data, within 30 days of data delivery.