Scientific Professionals

This database comprises of active subscribers to Lab News, Australia’s Life Science, and Bio Technology. This group of high income, professional individuals have significant coverage in the scientific fields.
Australia’s Life Science (incorporating Lab News) provides plain reporting on the latest developments in biological and medical science, laboratory techniques and biotechnology. These reports are based on research, new techniques and applications in the following disciplines: haematology, immunology, microbiology, biochemistry, diagnostics, pharmacology, physiology and molecular biology. This publication also covers issues such as ethics, funding and marketing, plus previews of conferences and product reviews. Its sent to decision makers, users and specifiers of capital and consumables in clinical research laboratories.
Bio Technology is a monthly industry publication that contains 1500 organisations that consume biotechnology products. Biotechnology is used to define the use of living things in industry, the environment, medicine & agriculture. In turn this type of technology is used in the production of foods and medicines, the reduction of wastes and the creation of renewable energy sources. Job titles include Academic, Board Member, SRI, Chief Scientist, Finance, Industry Analyst, Legal Manager, Venture Capital/Investment Managers & Marketing Executive and work in a broad spectrum of industries such as Bio-informatics, Biotechnology, Business & Professional Services, Government, Education & Healthcare.

Aust Bio Technology 36 223 1 73 41 7 195 27 603
Aust Life Scientist 369 2141 29 845 438 141 1733 414 6110
TOTAL 405 2364 30 918 479 148 1928 441 6713

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