Accountable List Brokers and our Associates, Corporate Phone Power, draw on the experience of a team of highly trained Telephone Marketers; these team members are all highly effective at generating leads in the property industry. Our team members are well presented and articulate, effectively, they become an extension of your existing marketing and sales teams.
Corporate Phone Power have been working in the property Industry for 10 years and have found Telemarketing to be an effective way to generate interest in a property for either sale or leasing purposes. We would provide you with reports of the leads and appointments set and we also tailor reporting procedures to suite your individual needs, we are happy to sit down to discuss this in further detail if required.
Each Telemarketer would make approximately 15-25 calls an hour.
The script is usually a combination of information provided by the sales team, with input from Accountable List Brokers. The script will vary slightly, depending on the Telephone Marketer making the calls.
Key Issues Associated with a Successful Campaign
Experienced Telemarketers.
Ability to track results.
High level of monitoring of Telemarketers.
Incentive driven Telemarketing team.
High level of communication with clients.
Assessment of the success of the campaign, during the campaign.
Specific Telemarketers suited to your requirements.
We work hard at delivering a successful campaign for our clients, achieved with a high level of communication, reporting and management. We take pride in achieving results for our clients.
          Proposed Campaign Costs
This proposal is based on making 20,000 calls over a period of time, to be decided at a later date.
Hourly Rate: $35 inclusive of GST
Call Costs: 22 cents inclusive of GST, for Local calls
Based on an average of 20 calls per hour, that would be approx. $2.00 per call. So, 20,000 calls would be $40,000.