Telemarketing Databases And How To Use Them For Maximum Leverage

Telemarketing is a direct marketing method which involves a salesperson soliciting its prospective customers to buy products or services over the phone. This is an age old method of promoting products and business, and many people think that its no longer effective. If your among this group, then you better think again. Telemarketing is still alive and well, proving that its a marketing technique that can compete against newer ones in the current marketing landscape.

Why Telemarketing Isn’t Dead

Many say that telemarketing should be forgotten altogether. There are newer methods such as SEO and social media marketing that are so popular right now. Indeed, the Internet has changed the way businesses reach their customers. It is now easier than ever to create an online presence and promote your business to potential clients. The problem, however, is that these two methods used to cost very little money. Now, its a different ball game. Almost all brands and small businesses compete for online ads, which means you may have to shell out a significant amount of money just to be seen by your target market.

For example, advertising on Facebook used to be very simple and cost-effective. While some would say that this is still the case right now, there’s no question that its more expensive to purchase online ads on social media. SEO is also widely considered as one of the cheapest ways to drive traffic to your website, but this might prove to be useless if you do not get the targeted traffic that you need. Google has become smarter and smarter over the years, making it more difficult to rank for keywords that your market uses to find your products.

In addition, studies show that 68% B2B sales involve human interaction such as telemarketing. This is a bit of a surprise, considering that most marketers now focus on social media ads, PPC and email marketing. This only goes to show that humans still like interacting with other humans. Hearing a voice on the other end of the line can be just as convincing as all the ads you see in television and the Internet. It also helps customers feel that they are dealing with a real human, not just another company who wants to get their money.

What Are Telemarketing Databases?

The secret in achieving a successful telemarketing campaign is utilizing the right telemarketing databases? What are telemarketing databases, you might ask? Basically, these are a collection of information about customers and their contact information, income statements, buying patterns, and other related information. There are plenty of companies that provide telemarketing lists, helping other businesses reach their target customers efficiently and quickly.

By using the right telemarketing databases, you improve the efficiency of your overall marketing campaign. You do not have to experiment with calling random people, hoping to make a sale here and there. With a valid telemarketing list, you can immediately promote your products or services to people who are interested in them. It is only a matter of how well you make use of the list you have in your hand.

How To Use Telemarketing Databases?

Database entries provide a plethora of information to call center agents. Phone numbers, contact address and income statistics are a few figures typically seen in the list. All this information helps lead generation specialists to come up with a campaign that are geared toward the right target market. This minimizes waste of resources as the lead generation agent can cater to the right people right away. The correct data allows BPO firms to know what exactly they should do to obtain maximum leverage.

For example, if the product you are selling is geared toward the affluent market, then you can tailor your telemarketing campaign to only include those in the elite income group. By having the right telemarketing database, you can figure out how to approach your lead generation strategy effectively. Its a matter of sifting through the database and tapping only customers who fit the bill.

Now that you what are telemarketing databases, its time you obtain a valid list and use the data to create effective marketing campaigns. You might be surprised that telemarketing remains as effective as ever, helping your business boost sales.