VOIP First Call Profile

VOIP First Call Profile

Instant Research for your Market!

Imagine being able to get personally in-touch with your clients, your prospects even consumers who don’t know you exist in the space of minutes. You can do it, via the most amazing VOIP (voice over protocol) system you could ever imagine and a full Campaign can be put together & implemented for less than $1,000.

Accountable List Brokers and FirstCall have brought this technology to you!

In a nutshell You tell us what consumer market you’re after, you record your voice broadcast on what ever you wish to ask your consumer (over the phone,) their landline/mobile rings and the consumer listens to the pre-recorded message you wish to get through, then we can give you the full breakdown on an XLS spreadsheet.

*Key Features

Manage multiple voice campaigns and statistics: First Call allows your business to create and run multiple campaigns simultaneously of up to 60,000 contacts per hour. With creative dial plans tailored to your business, detailed campaign statistics are instantly available and provide invaluable information.

Investment: Between $0.25 and $0.45 per call to landlines depending on volume (only pay for connected calls), mobiles slightly more, so this dwarfs the cost of an Operator after the same Information.

Volume Immense: Up to 60,000 messages sent per hour or as little as 1 per hour.

Speed: Campaigns can be set up and launched within minutes (eg emergency service guarantee is under 30 mins)

Personalised: Send the message from the MD, a football star, TV Star, any personality/VIP you can access. Its non-intrusive enough to absolutely minimise Consumer unease, i.e. easier for recipient to hang up on a recording than a human telemarketer. Your complaints ratio will be incredibly low, PLUS the system allows for monitoring of any complaints and related feedback.

*Technology Employed

1: Just one message or variety of interactive prompts & responses (think normal inbound IVR, with multiple options – but being sent out instead).

2: Your calls can be directed anywhere, eg call centre, voice-mail, record/update details etc.

3: Messages can be staggered & managed so the flow of calls/matches your Calls Centre capacity.

4: System captures and records each individuals response/s (e.g. press 1 for yes, 2 for no etc.) And they do too!

5: Can call specific geographical areas.

6: System automatically identifies answering machine, human, busy, no answer, etc. It can re-try “no-answers” at a set rate, eg every 10 minutes or every hour etc

7: Messages can be changed, re-arranged, modified within minutes and little cost (ensure message has been understood by asking for confirmation and/or response).

8: Can call landlines and mobile phones

9: Works extremely well in combination with SMS or other communications (eg HBA & Brisbane Lions campaign, i.e. voice broadcast & SMS)

Results: Instant results – the data accumulated is amazing we can see (LIVE!) clearly what people have done, what works, what doesn’t, etc.

Benefits: It increases efficiency, lowers overheads and maximises results in conjunction with your traditional advertising.

*Existing uses for First Call are:

Sales and lead generation

School surveys and information dissemination for parents

Notification messages

Marketing research

Real Estate / Mortgage sales and marketing

Business start-up surveys

Customised phone based booking systems

Emergency Services use for urgent communications

Government Department communication to residents


*Campaign Logistics:

STEP 1 WHAT Campaign:

Design the voice menu. Record voice scripts. Structure the call. Specify saved results.

STEP 2 WHO Data/Targets:

You can provide or ALB can provide an eternal phone/address database.

STEP 3 WHEN Time Frame:

Specific days with a time or choose a time frame every day until complete.

STEP 4 HOW Results Your Options:

Live via website, relay through phone, export into Excel or view topographical maps.

Live Results: Monitor your campaigns live via our website and retrieve current up-to-date statistical information, including topographical maps showing the saturation of your successful targets.

*Examples of previous Customer Usage


The Challenge: The client approached us and requested assistance in efficiently contacting an existing customer base to deliver the special promotion. They had previously tried newspaper advertisements and direct mail and were looking for something different.

The Solution: A leading sports star was enrolled to deliver a short message to fans of the local Super 14 team. The message gave the option for recipients to transfer through to a consultant or register their telephone number for a call back at a later time. From start to finish, the whole campaign was brought together in a number of days. FirstCall excels in delivering cost effective, emotive and compelling promotions to existing customer databases.

Phone 07 3103 9807 to listen to the recording right now!


The Challenge: Crisis management planning is a strong focus for governments after the recent extreme weather and terrorism events. Governments around the world are faced with the challenge of effectively communicating with residents in the early hours of the morning. While current methods of TV and radio are somewhat effective during daylight hours there was no solution to night and early morning early warning notifications.

The Solution: FirstCall has developed an Australian first in emergency early warning notification Emergency Contact. Able to contact hundreds of thousands of residents per hour the system broadcasts interactive voice messages alerting the community to the danger. The service is able to detect who has, and just as importantly, who hasn’t received the call. Recipients are asked to confirm receipt of the call and all the gathered data is fed back to authorities live via our 24×7 support centre. The system can target residents in particular cities, suburbs or even down to the street level. Phone 07 3103 9835 to listen to the recording right now!


The Challenge: Charities are faced with the uphill task of providing services and support for the needy. When raising funds it’s important to keep your costs at a minimum so that you can pass on the maximum benefit. Mailing and follow up calls for telemarketing charities represent a huge cost that can often result in no extra revenue.

The Solution: FirstCall FirstContact has been utilised by a number of charities to drive down the cost of mailing out follow up letters and extra telemarketing costs. As the service is fully automated, a pre-recorded message is sent to donors thanking them for their support and providing an option to live transfer directly into the call centre to finalise their donation. The message is especially effective when coming from a research doctor, prominent community member or some affected by the charities cause. Phone 07 3103 9825 to listen to the recording right now!


The Challenge: (Goodlife Health Clubs has over 30 centres across the nation.) Keen to boost pre-sales for their new Brisbane CBD store, the Goodlife team were looking for a vibrant call to action for residents in the local area.

The Solution: Goodlife enrolled the services of FirstCall to broadcast to residents within a 3km radius of the store. The message was written in collaboration with the Goodlife marketing team and fully produced by FirstCall in a matter of hours. Phone 07 3103 9807 to listen to the recording right now!

FirstCall sent the message out to over 3,000 residents and the following day, pre-sales increased from an average of 6 per day to high of 46. Goodlife now regularly include a FirstCall voice broadcast campaign as part of the new store opening marketing strategy.


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