Youth Email Database

National Student Database
Accountable List Brokers is proud to present a one of a kind unique database that has just been released into the Marketplace- the National Student Database. Sourced from Student VIP- Australias largest tertiary student database has over 85,000 students currently subscribing to receive “student related and worthwhile offers”.
All data has been collected within 24 months, most within 12 months, with Email addresses available for all records and 75% of the records have Mailing addresses available as well.
Student Members can be targeted through these available selections:

Data by State Quantity   Data by Faculty Quantity
NSW 59,921   BUSINESS 36,251
VIC 37,415   SCIENCE 11,458
QLD 17,431   ARTS 9,829
WA 7,133   ENGINEERING 7,973
SA 6,559   IT 4,729
ACT 4,461   LAW 7,399
TOTAL 134,771      

Additional Segmentation:
Data can also be segmented by:
–       University Enrolled
–       Course Enrolled
–       Gender
–       Year Enrolled
Email Broadcasts are conducted by the List Owner, and to ensure database integrity and high response rates, no more than one email per week is sent to the database. The Mailings are conducted by ALB at very competitive rates, with all returns going back to the List Owner to get re-evaluated to ensure ongoing integrity. The campaigns must be student specific and no branding or non-student campaigns are accepted.
Email Broadcast per email: 30 cents, with a Set-Up Fee of $270.
There is a minimum order of 10,000 records for an Email Broadcast
*All prices exclude GST