Best Email List Brokers

Email is one of the most efficient ways of reaching out to your target audience. A majority of Internet users check their emails throughout the day and according to a study conducted by Campaign Monitor, Internet users are six times more likely to click through with an email campaign than with a tweet.

A DMA study found that email marketing had the highest conversion rate with 66% compared to social media, direct mailing and other campaigns.

The main challenge of developing an efficient email marketing campaign is to send your emails to the right recipients. You can use your website and other campaigns to let potential customers know that you have an email distribution list and encourage them to subscribe. You can also go through an email list broker to purchase a list of contacts.

Who Are The Best Email List Brokers?

It is important to look for a great email list broker if you are thinking about investing in a distribution list. You should compare different brokers and do some background research about these businesses. You can recognize the best email list brokers by the information they share about the methods they use to grow their distribution lists.

A reliable email list broker should obtain the permission of all the contacts on their lists to receive promotional content from third parties. If this information is not mentioned anywhere on the official site of a broker, it is best not to use their services since some of the contacts on the lists they offer will see your promotional emails as spam and might even report these emails.

Which Email List Brokers Have The Right Distribution Lists For Your Needs?

The best email list brokers depend on who you need to target with your email marketing campaign. Ideally, you should already have a good idea of the profiles you want to target with this campaign so you can easily narrow down your search and select the email list broker who offers the most relevant lists. You might actually find list brokers who specialize in your niche.

Most email brokers have a larger database of contacts and can create customized distribution lists based on the demographics or interests you want to target. If you want to target a very specific profile, contact different email list brokers to find out how their lists are put together and to make sure they can provide you with relevant contacts.

Which List Broker Provides The Best Distribution Method?

You need to figure out a few things about your email marketing campaign to find the right email list broker. Some brokers give you the possibility to purchase a list so that you can send promotional emails whenever you want to. Some brokers will offer different plans to include some of your content in the emails they send.

This second option is probably the best solution if you want to test the services of a list broker or if you only want to use email marketing to promote a specific promotional offer. Purchasing a distribution list is a good option if you want to send content to this list on a regular basis and if you are sure that the list has been properly built to match your needs.

What Should You Do If You Can’t Find The Perfect List?

You might have very specific requirements for the profile you want to target. If you cannot find an email list broker who offers a list that corresponds to what you need, look for a reliable email list broker who can build a customized list for you. This is a good option if you want to target a very specific demographic or want to reach out to Internet users who are interested in a rare niche.

It is definitely worth it to spend a little more to get a customized list made by a broker if you cannot find a distribution list that matches the profile you want to target. Some email list brokers might talk you into buying one of their lists just to make a sale even though they cannot really provide contacts that correspond to the profile you are interested in. If you think that a broker cannot deliver what they promise, keep looking for a better option and consider having a customized list made.

Purchasing a distribution list or sending promotional content via a list broker can be a great way to reach out to a new target audience, increase awareness for your brand and boost your sales. However, you need to develop the kind of promotional content that will make people want to open these emails and follow your links. You also need to make sure you use the services of the right email list broker.

There are many list brokers to choose from and you should take the time to compare your options. If you know any other marketers in your niche, ask them about their experiences with email list brokers. You should also look for online reviews and do some background research to determine which list brokers have been around for a while.

Contact the list broker you want to use so you can ask more questions about how the lists are created and make sure that all the recipients check their emails regularly and have agreed to receiving promotional content from a third party.